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Placing Items on Reserve

Procedures for placing items on the Reserved Collection:

  • Collect available books from the bookshelves (lecturer or student assistant)
  • Complete reserved list form  (also available at  Short loan desk)
  • Hand in completed form together with books to be placed at Short loan desk
  • Report any books not found on bookshelves
  • Request any item/s currently issued to be placed on hold
  • Items to be placed should be handed in 2 days prior to the date needed       
Zakes Nakedi(APK lending)
Jacob Mannathoko     (DFC lending)
Richard Dunjwa(APB lending)
Pascal Lukhele   (SWC lending)

Electronic Course Reserves (ECR)

  • Articles or lecture notes can be sent electronically via e mail (see particulars of ECR persons of each campus under ‘Copyright’
  • Paper copies will be scanned and connected to UJLink)
  • Paper copies for scanning should be clearly legible
  • Once connected to UJLink, students will be able to view and print all electronically available documents

One paper copy of each article or lecture notes will be placed as a master copy in case of system or power failures​


  • DALRO reporting form must be completed for each journal article or book part to be placed on ECR
  • The completed DALRO form should accompany the photocopies to be placed. Forms completed electronically can be forwarded via e-mail to the UJ Copyright Officer:  Thapelo Mashishi  (UJ copyright officer) 
  • The copyright permission for any articles placed should be updated every semester

Steps to view or print documents from UJLink (library catalogue)

  • Go to library catalogue: UJLink

  • Click on Course Reserves

  • Type in name of course or lecturer

  • Click on relevant underlined title

  • Click on View or Print

  • Type in your UJ email username and password, then click on Submit

The article or lecture notes should then appear on the screen