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The Junior Scientist​ Workshop is held every year a the University of Johannesburg on the Kingsway Auckland Park Campus. The workshop is hosted by the Department of Zoology. The Junior Scientist Workshop is an exciting workshop where children are exposed to a university environment with the opportunity to work in the research laboratories. The work, however, does not correspond with the school syllabus. The workshop is divided into three (3) groups and the children can choose one (1) of these groups to attend.

Contact Information

Dr Amina Nel​
Email | anel@uj.ac.za​


Costs for the workshop totals R300 for the 2 days. Parents should first decide which group their child/children will attend. Then parents should select the link for “How to register and Banking details” and follow the steps to get the children registered. This page also includes banking details. The programme for this year will take place on Wednesday, 19th of June and Thursday, 20th of June 2019. The workshop starts at 09:00 in the morning and ends at 13:00 when parents can collect their children again

All children from grade 5 to grade 7 are welcome to enrol for any of the exciting programmes. Children can only enrol for ONE programme at a time

All children and their parents can gather before the time in D2 Lab 115 where they will meet the workshop coordinator Dr Amina Nel During this time children will be divided into groups according to the relevant programme they enrolled for. Children and parents can then also meet the people involved in the workshop for the next 2 days.

On the Last day of the workshop, children will gather from 12:45 D2 Lab 115 again from where the parents can collect them


Group 1 (Grade 7)

Day 1 = DNA Extraction
Day 2 = Dissection

Group 2 (Grade 6)

Day 1 = Medicinal & Economical Plants
Day 2 = Vertebrate skeletons, and / or
Day 3 = Parasite Investigator (PI)

Group 3 (Grade 5)

Day 1 and 2 = Ecology

DNA Workshop

This group is presented by Mrs Janice Williamson from the Department of Botany and Plant Biotechnology on the Auckland park Campus. Janice will introduce the children to the basics of molecular Biology and DNA. During the course of the programme the children will also get hands-on experience on DNA extraction. All of these activities will take place in D2 Lab 115 and exposing the children to a real lab environment

Dissection Workshop

This programme is presented by Dr Jamie Das Neves. Do you want to know more about anatomy and physiology of animals? Then this programme is for you. Do a dissection of fish and learn more about each organ’s structure and function.

Parasite Investigator (PI)

In this short program, children will learn what a parasite is, how to identify them and how to sort the most common parasites. Children will then be given a chance to be a parasite investigator and investigate a “parasite crime”. Children will also be given a chance to invent their own parasites with a story. This programme is presented by Dr Lourelle Neethling.

Vertebrate skeletons

This group is presented by Prof Francois Durand from the Department of Zoology in D2 Lab 116 Skeletons, unique to vertebrates, support the body, act as a lever system for complex movements and protect vulnerable internal organs. Each vertebrates’ skeleton is adapted to a certain mode of life enabling the animal to live in a particular environment and occupy a certain niche. Skeletons are also often the only part of an animal which is preserved in the fossil record. But because of all the information contained in a skeleton, it enables us to understand evolutionary adaptations of that animal and its origin and interrelationships with other animals which are essential for classification


During this session children learn more about water pollution. Children get the opportunity to build a water cycle and a water filter. Children are introduced to a microscope and have the opportunity to view live microscopic organisms under the microscope.

How to register and Banking details

How to register:

  1. Decide on the group your child(ren) will attend.
  2. Payment for your child(ren) can be made to the following account:

Bank: ABSA
Account: 4055642621
Branch: 632005
Reference: 084590

Email Amina Nel | anel@uj.ac.za
The group your child(ren) will attend
Your child(ren)’s name(s)
Proof of payment