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Justin D. Finke and Soebur Razzaque’s GRB 221009A Article Mentioned in Nature Astronomy

Justin D. Finke and Soebur Razzaque’s article on GRB 221009A has been mentioned in the prestigious scientific journal, Nature Astronomy. The article, titled “Possible Evidence for Lorentz Invariance Violation in Gamma-ray Burst 221009A“, explores one of the many possible explanations for the survival of the ultra-high energy photons that were detected.

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GRB 200415A, A Rare Star’s Giant Gamma-Ray Burst, Captured Near Our Galaxy

Director at the Centre for Astro-Particle Physics (CAPP), Professor Soebur Razzaque, lead a scientific team to the discovery of a rare star’s giant gamma-ray burst captured close to our galaxy.

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