TeVPA 2023

HEASA 2023

The High Energy Astrophysics in Southern Africa (HEASA) conference, held at the Mtunzini Country Club in Mtunzini, took place from September 5th to September 9th, 2023. The conference aimed to bring together scientists interested in high-energy astrophysical phenomena from the southern African region, the African continent, and around the world. For more information, please visit their website at https://heasa.sagamma.org/

Contributions by Staff and Students

Contributed Talks:

  • Prof. Soebur Razzaque: Virtual
  • Prof. Hartmut Winkler: Photometry of blazars using the Las Cumbres Observatory robotic telescope network
  • Mr. Lutendo Nyadzani: X-ray – UV anti-correlation in ultra-luminous sources
  • Ms. Chanelle Gouws: Engaging physics departments and science faculties in outreach activities
  • Ms. Anna Samara Larmuth: The significance of social media in physics: Insights from a social media specialist secondee at CTAO
  • Ms. Monica Barnard: Modelling very-high-energy gamma-rays detected from GRBs with external Compton emission using Naima (Virtual)
  • Ms. Tamador Aldowma: Joint spectral analysis of Fermi and Swift data from gamma-ray bursts
  • Mr. Luyanda Mazwi: Estimation of the orbital inclination angle for compact binary mergers through Bayesian inference
  • Ms. Dimakatso Maheso: Temporal and spectral analysis of short GRBs detected by the Fermi gamma-ray burst monitor with known redshift


Mtunzini River Cruise

The Centre for Astro-Particle Physics (CAPP) team had an amazing time attending the Mtunzini river cruise during the HEASA 2023 conference.

The team enjoyed the beautiful scenery and had some great conversations about the local wildlife. We hope to have many more experiences at future conferences!

New Evolution of MultiMessenger Astrophysics 2023

Prof. Razzaque delivered a keynote talk at the New Evolution of MultiMessenger Astrophysics (NEMMA) symposium held at Penn State University, USA from August 21 to 23, 2023.

For more information about the symposium, visit https://web.cvent.com/event/735ff167-c195-4c89-814b-1725f0113bb6/summary.

Second MaNiTou Summer School on Gravitational Waves: A new window to the Universe

Mr. Luyanda Mazwi (Master’s Student) attended the Second MaNiTou Summer School on Gravitational Waves: A New Window to the Universe in Nice, France from July 3-8, 2023.

SAIP 2023

Staff and students from the Department of Physics and the Centre for Astro-Particle Physics (CAPP) attended the ‘67th Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics‘ at the University of Zululand, Richards Bay Campus from July 3-7, 2023.

PPC 2023

Prof. Soebur Razzaque (Director) attended the ‘PPC 2023: XVI International Conference on Interactions between Particle Physics and Cosmology‘ in Daejeon, South Korea from 12-16 June 2023.

Prof. Razzaque presented a contributed talk titled ‘Possible origins of > 10 TeV photons detected from GRB 221009A’.

Banff International Research Station: Quantum Information Theory in Quantum Field Theory and Cosmology 2023

Dr. Khushboo Dixit (Postdoctoral Research Fellow) attended the ‘Quantum Information Theory in Quantum Field Theory and Cosmology 2023‘ conference at the Banff International Research Station in Banff, Canada from June 4th to June 9th, 2023.

Dr. Dixit presented a contributed talk titled ‘Quantum Spread Complexity in Neutrino Oscillations‘. You can watch Dr. Dixit’s talk below:

Fermi Summer School 2023

Ms. Tamador Aldowma (PhD Student) and Ms. Dimakatso Maheso (Master’s Student) attended the ‘Fermi Summer School 2023‘ at the University of Delaware Conference Center in the United States from May 30 to June 9, 2023.

Ms. Aldowma presented a talk titled ‘Using machine learning to estimate Fermi GRB redshifts’, while Ms. Maheso presented a talk titled ‘Pulse fitting of short gamma-ray bursts and the magnetar giant flare, GRB200415A, with the Norris function’.

Applications of Quantum Information in Astrophysics and Cosmology Workshop 2023

The NITheCS ‘Applications of Quantum Information in Astrophysics and Cosmology’ workshop was held at the Mathematics & Applied Mathematics Department at the University of Cape Town (UCT) during 24-26 April 2023. The conference aimed to showcase recent developments in Quantum Information Theory (QIT) with a focus on quantum field theory and cosmology as topics. To visit the conference’s Indico site, go to https://indico.cern.ch/e/NITheCSQIT.

Contributions by Staff and Students

Contributed Talks

SAAO Magnetism & Accretion Conference in Memory of Darragh O’Donoghue 2023

The SAAO ‘Magnetism & Accretion’ conference in memory of Darragh O’Donoghue took place in Cape Town, South Africa during the period 16-19 January 2023 and focused on the topic of magnetically influenced accretion and outflows throughout the Universe. The conference received support from the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO), the University of Cape Town Department of Astronomy and the Southern African Large Telescope Foundation.

Contributions by Staff and Students

Contributed Talks

  • Soebur Razzaque: Recent highlights on gamma-ray bursts
  • Lutendo Nyadzani: ULXs as progenitors of merging compact binary systems
  • Monica Barnard: Very high-energy gamma-ray afterglows from GRB 180720B and GRB 190829A with external Compton emission (Virtual)


  • Dimakatso Jeannett Maheso: Spectral and temporal analysis of short gamma-ray bursts detected by the Fermi space telescope with known redshift (Poster Talk)

The Tenth International Fermi Symposium 2022

The Tenth International Fermi Symposium was held in person for participants from around the world at Misty Hills Country Hotel, Conference Centre, and Spa from the 9th-15th October 2022. This meeting focused on the new scientific investigations and results enabled by Fermi, the mission and instrument characteristics, future opportunities, and coordinated observations and analyses. Visit the Tenth International Fermi Symposium’s Indico Page here.

Contributions by Staff and Students

Contributed Talks



Participants of the Tenth International Fermi Symposium 2022 were taken out for the day to experience what South Africa has to offer!

Participants were taken on a game drive at the Rhino and Lion Park to see wild animals, such as White and Brown Lions, Cheetahs, Rhinos, and everything in between! Participants had a picnic lunch at the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory, where they also received a tour of the observatory. Last but not least, participants were taken to experience the deep depths of the Sterkfontein Caves, where they also received a specialty tour from the tour guides in the anthropology shed.

In the evening, participants wined and dined on specialty meat at the Carnivore, located on the praises of Misty Hills.

Carbon Wise Certificate

The Recreation African Group certifies that the Tenth International Fermi Symposium hosted by the Centre for Astro-Particle Physics (University of Johannesburg) from 9th-15th October 2022 is Carbon Wise for choosing Misty Hills Country Hotel, Conference Centre & Spa as the hosting venue. In honour of the conference, 15 trees will be planted. The Recreation African Group will plant ONE Indigenous tree for every TEN Conference Delegates at one of their Venues. For more information about the Recreation African Group, click here.