UJMA Tree Planting Day

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The Botany and Plant Biotechnology Department, as part of the community outreach programme, invited learners of the UJ Metropolitan Academy to partake in the national tree planting week. The trees of the year 2021 included the Sweet thorn (Vachellia karroo) and Spekboom (Portulacaria afra). During this initiative, the learners planted the trees in carefully chosen areas on their sports field. The trees were sponsored by Prof Ben-Erik van Wyk. Dr Estherna Pretorius, Mr Thinus Fourie and Mr Stanley Khumalo provided planting materials and assisted learners in planting the trees. The project aims to teach learners about looking after the environment and planting for the future. Through planting the trees themselves, the learners develop a better understanding and appreciate the effort going into planting trees.