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Call for Postdoctoral Fellows

The Centre is pleased to offer funded postdoctoral fellowships for the 2023/2024 period. We are actively seeking dynamic candidates who are enthusiastic about contemporary research in the areas of banking law and financial regulation. Topics of specialisation include compliance and financial crime (such as money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption), financial sanctions, financial inclusion, trade finance, cryptocurrency, fintech, insurance and open banking. Consideration will, however, also be given to other relevant topics. The postdoctoral research fellowships will be awarded on a competitive basis, considering the candidate’s academic achievements, potential as an independent researcher and the extent to which he/she/they meets the requirements of the call. Please see call attached below.

Banking Law Postdoctoral Call 2023

Annual Banking Law Update (ABLU)

The Annual Banking Law Update (ABLU) is the flagship project of the Centre. It has two components: namely, a conference proceeding and a peer-reviewed book based on the conference proceeding. Contributions at ABLU conferences are typically presented by a healthy mix of (local and international) legal practitioners, banking and finance professionals as well as academics. Consequently, ABLU books have gained a reputation for providing analytical and practical perspectives on key legal and regulatory developments relating to the banking industry. ABLU has been on the South African conference calendar for over three decades.

The ABLU books are available on this website under “Publications”.

Conferences in Partnership with the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Between 11-12 April 2016, the Centre, in partnership with the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( JCCI), hosted an international banking conference, which saw panels of South African and foreign experts discussing aspects of banking and international trade law, as well as commercial crime. The central themes of this highly acclaimed conference were demand guarantees, standby letters of credit and commercial crime. The international speakers included: Professor James Byrne and Mr Christopher Byrnes from the United States, Mr Vincent O’Brien from Ireland, Dr Jin Saibo from China and Dr Soh Chee Seng from Singapore. They represent highly acclaimed international expertise in relation to guarantee instruments and commercial crime.

Over the past decade, the Centre has regularly facilitated smaller workshops in partnership with the JCCI.

Research Collaboration with the South African Research Chair in the Law of the Sea and Development in Africa

In 2020, the Centre embarked on a collaboration with the South African Research Chair in the Law of the Sea and Development in Africa (housed at the Nelson Mandela University), which resulted in the publication of a book, entitled African Perspectives on Selected Marine, Maritime and International Trade Law Topics.

The book is available on this website under “Publications”.