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Online teaching and learning

Online teaching and learning has its advantages and disadvantages. To assist you with getting used to online learning activities, and to overcome any challenges, please note some of these supports offered: CAT has created a series of micro-training videos to show you the basics of how to use Google Drive, OneDrive, and Microsoft Word. There are also shortcuts for student success provided.

Simultaneous interpreting booths

In 2014 the faculty received special funding from the Department of Higher Education for the development of African languages and multilingualism. The funds were used to establish a state-of-the-art interpretation and translation venue. The venue allows for 4 interpreters to work simultaneously. The venue, which can be subdivided into two separate venues, boasts four interpreting booths and accommodates 20 trainee interpreters.

Multilanguage computer laboratory

As part of the same project a language laboratory was established that supports language teaching for the languages offered at UJ. The venue is set up in such a way that two groups of students can work independently or one larger group can utilise the lab while the facilitator is able to supervise all students from the central computer. This 40 seater computer lab is also used by other disciplines, inter alia Anthropology and Sociology.