PhD Graduations


PhD Graduations 2021

Alabi, O. (Prof K Naidoo & Prof I Palmary). Women's Sexual Agency and Use of Traditional Aphrodisiacs in Ilorin, North Central Nigeria.

Fobosi, SC. (Dr Ngcwangu & Prof Desai). The Impact of Taxi Recapitalisation Programme on Precarious Working Conditions within the Minibus Taxi Industry in Johannesburg.

Gumbie, T. (Prof Rugnananan & Prof Chagonda). Male Somali Refugee Livelihood Strategies and Masculinities: A Case Study of East London. 

PhD Graduations 2020

Adeagbo, MJ. (Prof Naidoo & Prof Van Zyl-Schalekamp). Unplanned’ Motherhood and HIV/AIDS: Adolescents’ Experiences and Survival in Gauteng. 

Bester, V. (Prof Uys & Dr Groenewald). A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Conceptual Framework to Address Unregulated Artisanal Goldmining in South Africa.

Dube, K. (Prof Uys & Prof Palmary). NGOs and Vulnerability in Rural Zimbabwe: A Case Study of CARE Interventions in the Zaka District, Masvingo.

Pontarelli, FP. (Prof Alexander & Prof Sinwell). Gramsci’s Passive Revolution and Social Movements in South Africa, 2015-2018: the student/worker rebellion and the National Union of Metalworkers.

Suleman, M. (Prof Naidoo & Prof Dadoo). Views of Muslim Religious Leaders On Violence Against Married Women. 

PhD Graduations 2019

Igbanoi, OL (Prof. Chagonda and Dr Dworzanowski-Venter). Masculinity, respectability and divergence among migrant informal traders in Johannesburg.  

Kassa, H.W. (Prof Alexander & Prof Britwum). The Political Economy of Artisanal and Small Scale Mining: A Comparison of Ghana and South Africa.

Mshweshwe, L (Prof Naidoo & Prof Rasool) Support for Abused Rural Women in the Eastern Cape: Views of Survivors and Service Providers. 

Reijer, J. (Prof Uys & Prof Naidoo). The Well-Being of PLHIV on ART: The Case of Roma Ng’ombe and Kalingalinga, Lusaka, Zambia. 

Talakinu, C. (Dr Groenewald & Prof Batisai). Female Initiation Practices: Their Influence on the Social Life and Status of Women in the Chikunda Community of Zambia.

Van der Merwe, S. (Prof Naidoo & Prof Uys). How Women Gain and Retain Management Positions: A Study of South African Female MBA Graduates. 

Zvokuomba, K. (Prof Batisai & Prof Desai) The Gendered Land and Agrarian reform in Zimbabwe; Challenges and Opportunities for Women Beneficiaries in Masvingo District.

PhD Graduations 2018

Onukogu, CJ. (Prof Rugunanan & Prof Naidoo). Identity and Integration of Second-Generation Children of Nigerian Immigrants in Johannesburg.

Phadi, M. (Prof Alexander & Prof Khunou). An Exploration of Blackness in Post-Apartheid South Africa.

Roberts, S. (Prof Uys & Prof Naidoo). Social Capital and Trust in a Risky Environment: Mozambicans in Johannesburg.

Venter, A. (Prof Senekal & Prof Uys). Social Capital and Online Learning: The Case of Unisa, South Africa. 

PhD Graduations 2017

Ngwane, T. (Prof Alexander) ‘Amakomiti’ as ‘Democracy on the Margins’: Popular Committees in South Africa’s Informal Settlements.

PhD Graduation 2016

Basson, L. (Prof Alexander). South African Filmmakers' Identities and Social Change.

Ikiara-Zamberia, CN. (Prof Alexander & Prof Uys). Municipal Solid Waste, Social Conflicts and Sustainable Cities:  Johannesburg and Nairobi Compared. 

Ludidi, W. (Prof Van Zyl-Schalekamp & Prof Naidoo).  Understanding Sociological Factors Affecting Childbearing Choices in Rural Communities, with Specific Reference to the Eastern Cape. 

Ngcwangu, SU. (Prof Buhlungu & Prof Senekal). A Sociological Assessment of South Africa’s skills development regime: 1990-2008.

Rugunanan, P. (Prof Buhlungu & Prof Smit). Forged Communities: A Sociological Exploration of Identity and Community amongst immigrant and migrant communities in Fordsburg.

Zamberia, C.I. (Prof Alexander). Municipal Solid Waste, Social Conflicts and Sustainable Cities: Johannesburg and Nairobi Compared.

PhD Graduations 2015

Adeagbo, F. (Prof Naidoo & Dr Groenewald). Same-Sex Interracial Relationships in South Africa.

Steyn, I. (Prof Buhlungu & Prof Desai). The Production and Reproduction of the Collective Identities of Two Post-Apartheid Social Movements. 

PhD Graduations 2014

Shumba, R. (Prof Alexander). Social Entrepreneurship and South Africa’s Community Work Programme: A Critical Reflection on Innovation and Scale.

PhD Graduations 2013

Graham, L. (Prof Patel & Prof Uys). Youth in Transition: Identity Work, Social Network Processes and Risk Behaviour

Groenewald, L. (Prof Bekker & Prof Uys). Informality and its Implications for Urban Citizenship: The Case of Informal Settlement in Johannesburg and Tshwane.

Hlatshwayo, M. (Prof Buhlungu & Prof Senekal). A Sociological Analysis of Trade Union Responses to Technological Changes at the Arcellor Mittal Vanderbijlpark Plant,1989-2011. 

 McDonald, Z. (Prof Uys, Prof Naidoo & Prof Esack). Notions of Citizenship: a Sociological Exposition of Islamic Education in Johannesburg. 

PhD Graduations 2011

Abdullahi, A.A. (Prof. Senekal & Prof Van Zyl-Schalekamp). Towards a Sociology of Health Utilisation in the Case of Children with Malaria in Nigeria.

Chagonda, T. (Prof Alexander & Prof Moore). The Response of the Working Class to the Economic and Political Crisis in Zimbabwe, 1997-2008. 

Dworzanowski-Venter, B. (Prof Uys, Prof Smit & Prof. Erlank). Emotional labour, black men and caregiving: cases from South Africa.  (1850-2010).  

PhD Graduations 2010

Nthambeleni, B. (Prof Alexander). The Role of Civil Society in Sustaining Democracy: A Case Study of the Soweto Civic Association.