Language Practice 1 focuses on sensitising you to the power and effect of one the most important tools in society: language. It will also equip you to be language- and culturally sensitive in professional contexts such as translation, interpreting and text editing, as well as in the world of multimedia communication. ​

The module is based on two main components: in the first semester, you will be introduced to the theory of language and text awareness in selected communication-sensitive professional fields, as well as be alerted to the skills needed to recognise, understand and produce texts of selected genres. Here, you will explore topics such as how languages work and are used, bias in language and the manipulative aspects of language, and identify reading and general reception strategies.

In the second semester, Language Practice 1 looks at familiarising you with the link between language and culture and the effects of cultural and social structures and processes on communication across cultures. Additionally, you will also be equipped with the necessary skills to deal with such communication needs. In a multilingual and -cultural world such as ours, the module provides a valuable foundation for the language professional.