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How to claim funds from the Faculty for publications.

Funds for accredited publications can only be paid into a student account.

Once you have submitted your publication and have proof that it has been submitted to the UJ Research Office please proceed to complete the following documentation in full.

  1. The FINPG1 form – this is a UJ document that is used for various payments. Please do not complete 4.1 banking details as funds may not be paid directly to your personal bank account.
  2. Application Student publication.

Once above is complete attach evidence that publication has been submitted to the UJ Research Office by Faculty and return via email to Research Officer, Lou-Ann Anderson

The documents are signed by Vice-Dean Research and submitted to the Faculty Accountant who in turn forwards to Faculty Finance Business Partner for processing the documentation and forwards to the Student Bursary department.

Once the funds reflect in the students account, the student can contact Lou-Ann Anderson via email for a letter as required by bursary office for reimbursement.