The CSDA, together with the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) at UCT and the  DG Murray Trust, has been working for several years on the development of the Basic Package of Support – an evidence-informed intervention intended to support young people to reconnect to learning and earning opportunities through individualised coaching and the promotion of youth-focused service delivery.

In 2023, the project reached proof of concept in  Gauteng’s Atlantis and Orange Farm sites. Research demonstrated that the project’s scalability and the following early outcomes were achieved improved wellbeing amongst young people, and many taking up and staying in learning and earning opportunities.

Key activities within the project included individualised coaching sessions, the implementation of youth-focused service delivery mechanisms, and the provision of comprehensive support tailored to the needs of each participant. These activities were designed to facilitate the successful reintegration of young individuals into education and employment pathways.

Through the project’s interventions, participants were expected to experience enhanced access to education, employment, and essential services, thereby contributing to their socio-economic empowerment and overall development.

The project’s success is attributed to the collaborative efforts of the implementers the CSDA, SALDRU, and the DG Murray Trust. Additionally, partnerships with government agencies, local organisations, and other funders have played a crucial role in supporting the project’s implementation and scaling efforts. Their collective contributions have strengthened the project’s effectiveness and sustainability over time.