THEMATIC AREA 1: Social Policy in the Global South

Our work examines innovative social policy approaches and programs implemented in countries across the Global South. These approaches challenge dominant paradigms in the field, offering valuable theoretical insights. By analysing the outcomes of these policies, we aim to develop recommendations for socially innovative solutions tailored to the specific contexts of the Global South.

THEMATIC AREA 2: Contemporary Social Development Challenges

Poverty and inequality are complex challenges that require nuanced and in-depth understanding to solve. Our work in this field seeks to understand the complexities of how poverty and various types of inequality (age, gender, class, disabilities and geographic location) shape people’s lives.

THEMATIC AREA 3: Welfare and Social Development Innovations

Innovative and evidence-based solutions, informed by technological developments are required to address the complex challenges of poverty and inequality. Our work in this field focuses on bringing evidence to bear on developing, adapting, and testing social development interventions informed by social development theory; and capacitating practitioners to implement successful interventions.

THEMATIC AREA 4: Social, Economic and Environmental Justice

Core to explaining challenges of poverty and inequality is how people and communities are excluded from social and economic opportunities. Our work in this field seeks to understand the nature of various aspects of exclusion, including how the changing nature of work affects people; and what strategies work to enhance and leverage agency of such groups; and challenge structural inequalities to promote better outcomes. New social challenges including climate change must inform our analysis of poverty and inequality and their effects.