Co_FACT (International Consortium on Family and Community in the time of Covid- 19) Study

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This research project aimed to investigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on everyday family life within various households in Gauteng. It delved into how individuals within families comprehended and adapted to public health measures, the negotiation process within families, and the resultant effects on daily life, education, employment, and overall well-being. Additionally, it examined intra-household dynamics, considering factors such as gender, generation, and socio-economic status and their influence on individuals’ responses to the challenges posed by the public health crisis. The project was part of an international consortium comprising ten countries.

The study began in 2020 and data collection concluded in the first quarter of 2021. It involved a diverse cross-section of households in Gauteng. Data collection methods included diary entries using the WhatsApp application and telephonic interviews.

Findings from the South African study as well as partner countries have been published in an edited collection as well as in a research article titled Adolescents’ and young people’s experiences of social relationships and health concerns during COVID-19.

There have been several presentations done on this work, including one at the international Global Carework Summit in San Jose, Costa Rica titled COVID-19 and the multiple care roles of women in South Africa. Additional papers are in progress.