Professor Patel and the CSDA have established a partnership with The Conversation Africa, an independent online publication that specialises in delivering high quality news and research from the academic and research community to the public.

Below is a selection of articles by Professor Patel and co-researchers affiliated with the SARCHI Chair in Welfare and Social Development and the CSDA that have featured in The Conversation Africa.

Social security is the bedrock of South Africa’s human rights protection. But there are gaps

Leila Patel

18 March 2022

COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a rise in hunger in South Africa

Leila Patel, Servaas van der Berg

21 July 2021

We studied why South Africans vote the way they do. This is what we found

Leila Patel, Yolanda Sadie

22 June 2021

COVID-19: Global South responses have shown up social policy challenges – and strengths

Leila Patel

25 May 2021

South Africa’s efforts to tackle joblessness can be more effective: here’s how

Leila Patel, Lauren Graham, Ariane De Lannoy

14 April 2021

Landmark study shows how child grants empower women in Brazil and South Africa

Leila Patel, Natasha Borges Sugiyama, Wendy Hunter

29 March 2021

South Africa has taken steps to help young jobless people. Here’s what’s working

Leila Patel, Lauren Graham

15 June 2020

South Africa faces mass hunger if efforts to offset impact of COVID-19 are eased

Leila Patel, Gabrielle Wills, Servaas van der Berg

26 July 2020

South Africa’s COVID-19 hunger relief efforts are working: why they must continue

Leila Patel

15 October 2020

Grants and family support programmes can change lives. A South African case study

Leila Patel

30 November 2020

What some entrepreneurial welfare beneficiaries do to improve their lives

Chibuikem Nnaeme, Leila Patel and Sophie Plagerson

12 September 2019

Ramaphosa’s presidency is drawing voters back to the ANC: new study

Leila Patel

11 April 2019

What we learnt from young South Africans about the minimum wage and employment

Leila Patel

20 March 2019

How giving young people basic financial skills helps them find jobs

Leila Patel, Lauren Graham and Zoheb Khan

24 June 2019

How linking cash grants to care empowers parents and makes children happier

Leila Patel and Tessa Hochfeld

14 March 2019

Weighing up South Africa’s family policy: what does and doesn’t work

Tessa Hochfeld and Leila Patel

27 November 2018

South African voters are moving beyond party loyalty: they want delivery

Leila Patel

31 October 2018

A South African case study: how to support young job hunters

Leila Patel and Lauren Graham

3 February 2019

What could help young people find jobs in South Africa?

Zoheb Khan, Lauren Graham and Leila Patel

24 June 2019

Study shows young South Africans have no faith in democracy and politicians

Leila Patel and Lauren Graham

11 June 2019

Why poor people should be involved in designing solutions to poverty

Leila Patel and Marianne Ulriksen

10 April 2018

South Africa’s social welfare system faces deepening challenges

Leila Patel

16  March 2016

Lessons from South Africa on why gender matters in social welfare policies

Leila Patel

22 May 2016