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​In July 2014 the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg, Prof Ihron Rensburg, signed an agreement with Nanjing Tech University and Hanban to establish a Confucius Institute at the University of Johannesburg.

Signing Ceremony
UJ VC Prof Ihron Rensburg and Hanban Director Xu Lin signing agreement in Beijing



Signing Ceremony
UJ VC Prof Ihron Rensburg and NTU President Prof Huang Wei signing implementation agreement in Beijing



Signing Ceremony
Family photo from Hanban, NTU and UJ



Signing Ceremony
UJ VC Prof Ihron Rensburg and President of NTU Prof Huang Wei

In terms of the agreement, the UJ CI will:

  • Provide Chinese language courses (primary level, middle level, advanced level, business Chinese, tourist Chinese, scientific Chinese, etc.) for UJ staff and students, the general public, businesses, organizations and government departments.
  • Establish CI classrooms and teaching stations in primary and secondary schools in UJ’s feeder areas.
  • Promote cultural exchanges by organizing cultural events.
  • Organize academic activities concerning Chinese language research and Chinese studies.
  • Organize exhibitions, performance, movies or contests related to promoting Chinese language and culture.
  • Organize HSK tests.
  • Organize summer/winter camp to visit China.
  • Train Chinese language instructors.
  • Provide information and consultative services about China’s education, culture and so on.
  • Organize principals of schools a​nd officials from educational department to visit China.
  • Organize participation in the Chinese Bridge Competition.
  • Promote other activities.