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Tutor & Student Assistants

Tutor Programme

The Psychology Department’s Tutor Programme consists of a team of 15 tutors and 2 senior tutors, ably led by Ms Noorjehan Joosub, the tutor supervisor.  The programme provides additional academic support to the undergraduate students taking Psychology, both those students who would like to improve their marks and the students who are at risk of failing a module.   

Tutors liaise directly with the lecturers, attend the lectures offered for each module and present tutorials based on the lectures on a weekly basis.  The senior tutors coordinate the programme and assist the tutors with addressing the specific needs of the students attending the tutorials.  This include academic as well as psycho-social needs. 

Furthermore, workshops on study skills and other relevant topics pertaining to student life in general are presented by the senior tutors in a series of workshops and seminars entitled “Let’s Talk About…”.  Some of the topics discussed in the LTA workshops include:

Let’s talk about:

  • Academic vocabulary
  • Your study skills toolbox
  • Writing essays
  • Plagiarism
  • Being a first generation university student
  • Having a growth mindset

The Tutor Programme enables the Psychology Department to have more personal contact with students, which is vital in a department where some classes can be bigger than a thousand students at a time.  Except for the small group or one-on-one contact time with students, social media is also utilised to give support as well as extension to the students.  

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The senior tutors can be contacted at


Student Assistants

C Ring 440, the Student Assistants’ Office, forms the hub of much of the student activity taking place in UJ’s Psychology Department. The student assistants are the ‘go to’ people for any queries from students regarding tests, marks, timetables and a plethora of other important – and sometimes strange! – questions about the specific Psychology modules being offered in a semester, as well as general departmental enquiries.  Student assistants also assist lecturers with copying and scanning of material, admin, and fetching and distributing the mail.

The Student Assistants’ Office can be contacted on 011 559 3130 or