Epistemic Wrongs and Epistemic Reparations Workshop: 3–4 November 2022

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Live in Johannesburg at Constitution Hill and ACEPS
Epistemic Wrongs & Epistemic Reparations ACEPS Workshop Constitution Hill Visit
In front of the Flame of Democracy – Constitution Hill

Left to Right: Bernard Matolino (Pretoria), Abraham Tobi (UJ), Cameron Boult (Brandon), Jennifer Lackey (Northwestern), Sarah Wright (Georgia), Flame of Democracy, Eric Bayruns García (Harvard), Fiona Jenkins (ANU), David Scholtz (UJ), Caitlin Rybko (UJ), Dimpho Maponya (UJ), Veli Mitova (UJ)

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Call for Papers

We live in a world riddled with epistemic wrongs, from the incidental put down of a marginal voice to the systematic extinction of whole knowledge systems and the continued epistemic disempowerment of whole populations through colonialism and racism. This workshop theorises our obligations to make epistemic reparations for such distinctively epistemic wrongs, where epistemic reparations can be understood as “intentionally reparative actions in the form of epistemic goods given to those epistemically wronged by parties who acknowledge these wrongs and whose reparative actions are intended to redress them” (Lackey forthcoming, Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association).


One example of epistemic reparations is when a space—such as a museum—is dedicated to telling the story of the victims of these wrongs. This workshop will, hence, take place partly at Constitution Hill, a site of epistemic reparations, in the hope to be itself an instance of making amends. We would like to particularly foreground African philosophical voices in this project.


This is the first event of a three-year collaboration on Epistemic Wrongs, Blame, and Reparations between Jennifer Lackey Northwestern University), Cameron Boult (Brandon University) and Veli Mitova (University of Johannesburg). The second event—Epistemic Blame and Epistemic Reparations—will take place at another site of epistemic reparations, in Manitoba, Canada. The final event (site TBA) will feature research on future directions for epistemic reparations, some of which will be published in a special issue of Episteme.


Abstracts length: max 500 words

Submission deadline: 15 September 2022

Email to: aceps.conference@gmail.com