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Department of African Languages

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​​​The department exists since 1967 and has proudly taught and developed the African languages.

Undergraduate courses are offered in two channels, one for mother-tongue speakers (under the names Sepedi for speakers of Northern Sotho, and isiZulu for speakers of Zulu) and one channel for non-mother tongue speakers (under the names Northern Sotho, Zulu and the Communicative courses in Northern Sotho and Zu​lu).

These undergraduate courses deal with issues of pronunciation, phonetics and grammar, oral and written communication, cultural orientation, oral art, literature and many other aspects.​

Please note that as from 2012 only Zulu 1 and Northern Sotho 1 will be available to non-mother tongue students. A student who thus wants to study an African language up to 3rd year will have to switch to the mother tongue courses (isiZulu 2, 3 or Sepedi 2, 3).

The department also offers honours, masters and doctorate study programmes.​​

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