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Department of Greek and Latin Studies

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​​​Our department is active and passionate not only about the diffusion of Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek civilization but also the development of Afro-Hellenic studies and relations with the African continent. Since its initiation the Department of Greek and Latin Studies has had two main aims: first to promote and study the Classical, Byzantine and Modern worlds of Greece and second hand to reinforce Greek relationships with Africa through its research projects and collaboration with African academics, scholars and Institutes. Our department is the only university in Africa which teaches Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies.

 Ancient GreekClassical Culture and Mythology

Learn the language of the Ancient Greeks. Discover the Fabulous world of Troy, the Wanderings of Odysseus, the dark world of Tragic Drama, The​ philosophies of Socarates and Plato and the exciting history of Greece.

This major covers Anthropological, Sociological, and Psychoanalytical Theories of Myth interpretation; the foundation myths of Greek Culture and as well as their relevance, impact and function within Western Culture today; Classical Literature and Philosophy which have had an undeniable impact on the formation of Western literary genres, religious and philosophical thought as well as the influence of Greece and Rome on contemporary art, literature and film
Latin Modern Greek​

Learning Latin will improve your understanding of English. It is also a help in learning foreign languages, since Italian, Spanish and French are directly descended from Latin and have many features in common with it. Learn about Roman history, art and literature and how these still influence Western civilisation today.​

Learn Modern Greek and get to know the culture, literature and history of contemporary Greece. You will not say “it is all Greek to me!” anymore.

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