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​​​Bienvenue au département de français: Welcome to the Department of French

The Department of French at the Universty of Johannnesburg would like to invite you to venture into French with us.

Why French?

French is becoming more and more relevant in South Africa because it is an important international language, spoken by more than 200 million people, as well as the official language of several African countries.

Knowledge of French is currently an asset in South Africa with its fast developing political, economic and industrial relations with Francophone Africa and France. In addition the study of the world of thought, the culture, history and traditions lying behind a foreign language like French, enriches the mind of the learner and promotes creativity, mental flexibility as well as an understanding for cultural differences.


We offer a full range of innovative courses for all levels, from introductory French for beginners to postgraduate programmes for advanced students.

Our well-established record of research and publication provides wide opportunities for students to register for research degrees (MA or PHD) by thesis.

The department’s partners include the following:

The French Embassy in Southern Africa 
The Alliance Française de Johannesburg​
Association for French studies in Southern Africa (AFSSA), ​
The Fédération Internationale de Professeurs de français (FIPF) (http//
The French Speaking University Agency (AUF) ( of which UJ is an associate member.

These partnerships open up numerous opportunities for research, workshops, bursaries and assistantships

Career opportunities with French: 

• Translation and Interpreting
• Teaching (in schools and universities)
• Tourism
• Diplomatic service

Career opportunities for which the knowledge of French is an asset:

• Liaison and public relations
• Journalism
• Radio and television broadcasting
• Audio-visual production companies
• Advertising
• Publishing
• The legal profession
• Civil service
• Business
• Bank and insurance companies
• Art and architecture
• Literature
• Research

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