2018/9 Journal Publications 

​Evans T and Harris WF.

The vector space of generalized radii of ellipses for quantitative analysis of blur patches and other referred apertures in the astigmatic eye.
​Chetty E, Rubin A.

Preliminary demographics for patients with keratoconus attending a university-based clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa.
​Höllhumer R, Booysen D.

Primary descemetorhexis without graft placement for type 1 Peters anomaly.
​Suliman A, Rubin A.

A review of higher order aberrations of the human eye.
​Hasrod N, Rubin A.

The Cambridge Colour Test: Reliability of discrimination trivectors in colour space.
​Carlson AS, Carlson WA.

A comparison of blue light transmissions through blue control lenses. 

Alemu HW, Carlson AS.

Thirteen years on. The long journey of Optometry in Ethiopia.