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The last intake into the BTech Podiatry degree was in January 2019. These students would have completed their degree in 2020 in minimum time or 2024 in maximum time that is the six years maximum time—the intake in the new BHS Podiatry begun in 2020.

The Bachelor of Technology degree in Podiatry has been offered as a four-year qualification. However, due to the restructuring of the HEQSF, the BTech was re-curriculated to conform to the new nomenclature. In 2020 the podiatry department introduced a four-year professional degree viz. BHS in Podiatry (SAQA Qualification ID 110484). The qualification does not refer to a new qualification but constitutes a rigorous appraisal and update of the existing Bachelor of Technology: Podiatry (SAQA Qualification ID 943). The four-year professional BHS in Podiatry degree qualification is in line with professional board requirements and correctly aligned with the new HEQSF. Currently, four-year B Tech Podiatry graduates are eligible for registration as Podiatrist by the HPCSA.​

The department understands that there are students who might have dropped out of the BTech degree for various reasons and who might be interested in rejoining the department and complete their qualification. We advise such students to contact the HoD and to apply to the department for readmission. If their application for readmission is successful, they will gain admission onto the new degree and, they will graduate with the BHS Podiatry degree.

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