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Paul-Weinberg-seminar.jpgArtist Talk 6: Paul Weinberg Tuesday 27 October 2020

Veteran South African documentary photographer Paul Weinberg introduced his recent projects that focus on documenting community responses to the health and economic crises brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Ilene-bothma.jpgArtist Talk 5: Iléne Bothma 20 October 2020

Iléne Bothma introduced her most recent solo exhibition Life, Death and all the Fear In-between and contextualised the works as arising out of her intrepid explorations into the ambiguous, overlapping roles of mother, partner, artist, and woman. She conducted an online walkabout of her show at 99Loop Gallery, Cape Town.

View Iléne Bothma's artist talk here:


senzeni-marasela.jpgArtist Talk 4: Senzeni Marasela 13 October 2020

Artist Senzeni Marasela discussed her project Ijeremani Lam (2013-2019). Senzeni identified influences ranging from Dolly Parton to Winnie Mandela and Charles Dickens’ Miss Haversham that all describe women who wait in order to contextualise her decision to spend what ended up being 6 years living and working in the costume of, and in many ways, as the character of, ‘Theodora’, who paid homage to her mother and many women who remain unacknowledged.

View Senzeni Marasela’s artist talk here:



Artist Talk 3: Christine Dixie and Helene van Aswegen 6 October 2020

Printmaker Christine Dixie collaborated with book-maker Helene van Aswegen to produce an artist’s book Blueprint for the Disorder of Things in 2020, which critically engages with Foucault’s The Order of Things. Dixie and van Aswegen discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the course of the book’s production, and continues themes explored in previous works, notably To Be King.

View the artist talk here:


usha-seejarim.jpgArtist Talk 2: Usha Seejarim 29 September 2020

Artist Usha Seejarim talks about her art practice in relation to material and form: how she plays the two off each other to offer parodic, witty commentary on social and artistic norms by foregrounding the domestic environment and rituals of working-class women. She singles out her large-scale ‘abstract painting’ Dishwashing Delight for instance that parodies the self-involved solemnity of, often, white, male Conceptualists by being composed of numerous small square multi-coloured scouring sponges glued onto board.

View the artist talk here:



Author Talk: Elizabeth Rankin Wednesday 16 September

How did the Voortrekker Monument frieze come about and how does one negotiate it from a postcolonial perspective? Elizabeth Rankin introduced the book on the Voortrekker Monument frieze that she co-authored with Rolf Michael Schneider, From Memory to Marble. Her presentation followed shortly after the release of the second volume and discussed the ten-year process of researching and writing the book. Elizabeth Rankin is Professor Emeritus (Art History) from the University of Auckland and former Professor (and Dean of Humanities) at Wits University.

View Elizabeth Rankin’s author talk here:


Paul-Emmanuel.jpg​Artist Talk 1: Paul Emmanuel 8 September 2020

Paul Emmanuel talks about the various iterations of his ongoing project The Lost Men, which examines issues of masculinity, militarisation, vulnerability, mourning and loss. He also looks forward to his forthcoming exhibition at UJ Arts and Culture in 2021, where he presents new works that also explore memory and loss, but in the context of his own family.

View Paul Emmanuel’s artist talk here:


Neither here nor there Vanessa Tembane exhibition.jpg

Neither Here nor There
An Exhibition by Vanessa Tembane
13 November 2019

Vanessa Tembane exhibited her M.Tech body of work at the SARChI Gallery. Vanessa was supervised by Prof. Brenda Schmahmann and co-supervised by Vedant Nanackchand.

anessa explored her own experiences of diasporic displacement. The intergenerational chain of communication between herself, her mother and grandmother, the framing of the past wrought by nostalgia, and the role of photography in establishing belonging were the central themes of her body of work, which paid homage to the Mozambiquan capulana.

Neither here nor there 1.JPG
neither here nor there 2.JPG neither here nor there 3 copy.JPG neither here nor there 4.JPG




A Place Away 

An Exhibition by Kate’Lyn Ruby Chetty

16 November 2020 

Katie exhibited her M.Tech body of work at the SARChI Gallery. Katie was supervised by Prof. Brenda Schmahmann and co-supervised by Landi Raubenheimer. In her exhibition and dissertation, Katie explored how the narratives told by photographs in a family album tend to exclude evidence of suffering and instead often represent idealised family life. Her extended family had settled in, and taken photographs of, Sawoti, an area in KwaZulu-Natal where many indentured labourers from India settled after their contracts had expired. Invoking a critical and empathic lens onto nostalgia, Katie reinterpreted the idea of Sawoti as an idyllic space that omitted reference to the family’s challenges and losses experienced during indenture and apartheid. Her exhibition opening coincided with the 160-year landing of the first people from India bound for indenture in South Africa

Virtual Tour
A-Place-Away-1.jpg A-Place-Away-2.jpg




Photography and Spirituality
A Guest Seminar by Paul Weinberg
22 October 2019

Paul Weinberg is a research associate with the SARChI Chair in Art and Visual Culture, an award-winning photographer and founder member of Afrapix.

He presented his recent project "Earthsongs", which documents and interprets landscapes that are sites of spiritual practice. He demonstrated how this work follows on from a deep engagement with his previous photographic projects that recorded people's spiritual practices in Southern Africa, published in his book
Moving Spirit (2006).

Weinberg 1.jpg
Weinberg 3.jpg


Art museums in SA martin seminar.jpg

Art Museums in South Africa today: Who wields the power?
A Guest Seminar by Marilyn Martin
3 October 2019

Marilyn Martin posed urgent questions around the politics and directions of contemporary South African art museums. She asked: Who wields the power now that our established but struggling national and municipal art museums have sunk into the shadows? Have males, money and the market captured the art museum space? Are the new private (self-described as 'public') institutions immune from critique and scrutiny?

art museums 1.JPG
art museums2.JPG




Between Dreams and Realities: A History of the South African National Gallery, 1871-2017
The Johannesburg launch of Marilyn Martin's book
2 October 2019

ormer director of the South African National Gallery, Marilyn Martin was in conversation with Ishmael Mohammed, CEO of the Market Theatre and former director of the National Arts Festival in Makhanda. Based on extensive research and interviews, her book revisits important exhibitions, events and forgotten controversies. Martin highlighted achievements of directions, who often faced political agendas and strained relationships within and outside the institution.

Between dreams book launch 02.JPG between dreams book launch 4.JPG
book launch 3.JPG
martin book launch 1.JPG



marcella hackbardt seminar.jpg

What is Hidden and Revealed: Photographs of Fabric
A Guest Seminar by Marcella Hackbardt
7 August 2019

Marcella Hackbardt is Professor of Studio Art at Kenyon College (Gambier, Ohio) and was in Johannesburg as a guest of the Curriculum Division at the Wits School of Education. She discussed a wide variety of photographic representations of fabric and considered the messaging contained within them. In responding to form, function, fantasy and faith, Marcella outlined the productive ways in which studio art may be informed by theoretical underpinnings.


Understanding Ndebele Arts and Culture: Between Exploitation and Appreciation
A Guest Seminar by Craniv Ambolia Boyd
9 April 2019

Craniv Ambolia Boyd was a visiting PhD student at the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (FADA). Pursuing his PhD at the Freie Universitat Berlin, Craniv introduced graduate students to methodological as well as practical strategies available to pursue fieldwork, while contextualising his own experiences conducting fieldwork amongst Ndebele textile makers and bead workers.

Understanding Ndebele Arts and Culture: Between Exploitation and Appreciation

A Global Menagerie: Captivating Portraits of Predators and Preys
A Guest Seminar by Pearlie Baluyut
6 March 2019

arlie Baluyut, Curator and Lecturer of Art History at the State University of New York (Oneonta), discussed curatorial strategies pertaining to the exhibition of artists whose works may be considered conventionally 'difficult' and/or 'different'. Her case study was drawn from her recent curatorial project with the Taiwanese artist Tawan Wattuya, who was available, via Skype, to engage with seminar attendees.

A Global Menagerie: Captivating Portraits of Predators and Preys


Reconstructing womanhood poster.png
Reconstructing Womanhood

An exhibition by Hilary Keegan
November 2018

Hilary exhibited her M.Tech body of work in the SARChI Gallery. She was supervised by Prof. Karen von Veh and co-supervised by Shonisani Netshia.

Hilary Keegan examined Mary and Eve stereotypes in order to work through the religious allusions that
underscores profane female identity, intended to compel obedience and devotion to a 'pure' feminine ideal. She engaged with the deconstruction and reconstruction of her female identity through a series of paintings and constructed altarpieces. The resulting three cycles of artworks act as metaphors for her reconstructed womanhood through a fairy tale journey.

reconstructing womanhood 2.JPG
reconstructing womanhood 3.JPG

reconstructing womanhood 6.JPG
reconstucting womanhood 1.JPG
reconstucting womanhood 5.JPG
reconstucting womanhood 4.JPG



n apparatus Allen Laing poster.jpg

N's Apparatus
An Exhibition by Allen Laing
20 October 2018

Allen Laing's M.Tech body of work was exhibited in the Johannesburg City Library. He was supervised by Prof. Brenda Schmahmann and co-supervised by David Paton. His M.Tech was awarded a distinction and the Chancellor's Medal Chancellor's medal for the most meritorious master's study of 2018 at FADA.

Through the imaginative encounters of his alter ego (N.) with Professor Walter Roald Etterforsker, purportedly a 19
th century ethnographer, Allen's work combined whimsical, inventive and serious examination of issues around societal constructions of masculinities, colonial encounters, and the documenting and archiving of local knowledge during colonial occupation, which he demonstrated continue to have relevance in contemporary society.

Allen Laing 2.JPG
Allen Laing1.JPG


Jessica Hemmings guest seminar.jpg

Tacit Knowledge

A Guest Seminar by Jessica Hemmings
21 September 2018

Jessica Hemmings, Professor of Crafts and Vice-Prefekt of Resarch at the Academy of Design and Crafts, at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, presented a seminar  on how 'tacit knowledge', commonly thought of as knowledge that is held in the body. She discussed its positioning within humanities discourse and its applicability and potential in open-ended, arts- and humanities-based research through a series of examples.




tacit knowledge 1.JPG
tacit knowledge 2.JPG
tacit knowledge 3.JPG


Behind the Warp: Women and Weaving at Rorke's Drift
An exhibition curated by Philippa Hobbs and Jenny Marsden
28 August 2018

The artistic contribution by woman weavers of the ELC Art and Craft Centre 'Rorke's Drift' was explored and acknowledged in this exhibition. The range of historic material that narrates this little-understood tapestry practice is drawn from the Power, Gender and Community Art Archive (PGCAA). This archive is a collaboration between Special Collections at the University of Johannesburg and the SARChI Chair in Art and Visual Culture. Material relating to the ELC Art and Craft Centre at Rorke's Drift was repatriated from Sweden by Philippa Hobbs in 2017 and 2018. She and archivist Jenny Marsden constructed the archive by October 2018.

Warp Exhibition 1.JPG
warp exhibition 2.JPG


Dear Fusia.jpg

 Eroticism, Morality and Measure 



Dear Fusia.jpg

Resisting Erasure: Photographs of Mandela published by the Weekly Mail and New Nation during Apartheid

A Guest Seminar by Bryan Trabold
1 August 2018

Bryan Trabold, Associate Professor and Departmental Chair of English at Suffolk University (Boston, Massachusetts), discussed how photographs of Nelson Mandela published by the
Weekly Mail and the New Nation newspapers during apartheid framed and advanced the various narratives of Mandela's iconicity in the apartheid struggle. His seminar coincided with the Johannesburg launch of his book Rhetorics of Resistance: Opposition Journalism in Apartheid South Africa (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018).


FADA Alumni Exhibition, 33 Twickenham

18 July 2018
An Exhibition by Dr Carol Hofmeyr and the Keiskamma Art Project

The 2018 UJ Alumni Exhibition honoured Dr Carol Hofmeyr, artist, medical doctor and founder of the Keiskamma Trust at the FADA Art Gallery.

The SARChI Gallery at 33 Twickenham exhibited the
Rose Altarpiece (2006), made by members of the Keiskamma Art Project. Noseti Makubalo and Veronica Betani, representing the Keiskamma Art Project, attended the opening at the SARChI Gallery.

alumni exhibition 1.JPG
alumni exhibition 2.JPG
alumni exhibition 4.JPG
alumni exhibition 3.JPG

UJ_NickMirzoeff_Seminar_10July2018_INVITE (1).jpg

Ways of Appearance

A visit by Nicholas Mirzoeff, Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University, included a seminar presentation.

Ways of appearance

A visit by Nicholas Mirzoeff, Professor of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University,

included a seminar presentation


UJ_ChristaClarke_Seminar_30May2018_INVITE (2).jpg

The Activist Collector

a presentation on 20 May 2018, Christa Clarke introduced the collector behind a large group of objects from South Africa that are in the Newark  Museum in New Jersey.


_B5A0039.JPGChrista Clarke.png










Sue Pam-Grant's Dogscapes, curated by Alex Opper in the Architecture Department at FADA, opened on  19 April 2018.


See the following for footage of  speeches from the opening


See a review of the exhibition -







    Finding Voice

  An exhibition of work by Kim Berman opened at 33 Twickenham Avenue to coincide with the launch of Finding Voice on 19 February 2018


Finding Voice _1.jpg

Finding Voice _2.jpg 

Kim_2.jpg Kim 3.png





download (1).jpg

Ntwananhle and the R2 Boys
Muzi Gigaba's M.Tech final exhibition opened in the FADA Gallery on 15 February 2018

For footage of the opening, see
For a review of the exhibition, see              


R2 Boys exhibition 03.JPG
R2 exhibition 01.JPG
R2 Exhibition 02.JPG






 ​Public Art in South Africa

Public Art in South Africa  (Indiana University Press) was launched during the  "Troubling Histories: Public Art and Prejudice Conference" on 16 November 2017. The guest speaker was Erika Doss.


Brenda _Public Art.jpg


See the following link for an SABC television interview  

Public Art in South Africa.jpg





In the spotlight:

            In the spotlight.jpg



Kim Miller advert copy.jpg


Kim Miller, of Wheaton College,  co-convenor of the “Troubling Histories: Public Art and Prejudice“ conference, gave a guest seminar on 13 November 2017.



Tracing Presence through Absence

An Exhibition by Lisa Linossi
23 October 2017

Lisa Linossi’s M.Tech body of work was exhibited in the SARChI Gallery (and was awarded a distinction). She was supervised by Prof. Brenda Schmahmann and co-supervised by Vedant Nanackchand.

Lisa explored the index – as a trace of the referent – through her engagement with personal objects belonging to her late father and brother as well as home-movie footage. Often obscuring motifs, she referred to the physical absence from her life of her father and brother while simultaneously suggesting how memories of loved ones, no matter how treasured and nurtured, gradually fade and deteriorate.


            Lisa Linossi.jpg




​We made available our facilities to VIAD,  hosting an exhibition of work by Senzeni Marasela and Siwa Mgoboza that was curated by Amie Soudien, as well as the launch of Juliette Leeb du Toit's Isishweshwe: A History of the Indigenisation of Blueprint in Southern Africa (KwaZulu-Natal Press) on 14 September 2017.







                               ​Why Run … ?

​An exhibition of Joachim Schonfeldt's work opened at 33 Twickenham on on 3 August 2017.  See   for an overview of the exhibition.

Joachim 001.jpg

Joachim 002.jpg

Joachim 004.jpg







As part of the "Booknesses" conference being organised under the ambit of the Visual Art Department in March 2017, the SARChI Chair in South African Art and Visual Culture hosted an evening reception and lecture on the art of the book, along with a small bespoke exhibition of three artists' books. 


See for an overview of Booknesses.

Booknesses 1.jpg





​The launch of the Keiskamma Art Project: Restoring Hope and Livelihoods (Cape Town: Print Matters Heritage), took place on 30 November 2016. The guest speaker at the launch was Leila Patel, SARChI Chair in Social Work at the University of Johannesburg.

See the interview  on SABC television about the book


Brenda shamaha


leila patel

​ ​ The Keiskamma Art Project:
Restoring Hope and Livelihoods
The Keiskamma Art Project 



   Dear  Fusia, an exhibition by Ruth Rosengarten, was hosted for VIAD in October 2016.

Dear  Fusia, an exhibition by Ruth Rosengarten


An exhibition by Kiveshan Thumbiran
29 January 2019




Kiveshan exhibited his M.Tech body of work in the SARChI Gallery. He was supervised by Prof Brenda Schmahmann and co-supervised by Minette Vari. His work engaged with issues in contemporary South Africa by drawing on tropes and narratives of classical Hindu mythology and by asserting his identity as a South African Hindu millennial. His exhibition was featured in the Mail & Guardian and on the website Urban Asian A video link to Kiveshan’s exhibition opening is available here: