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Programme: Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology involves applying scientific and engineering theories to technical areas such as product design, development, production and manufacture, power and control of machinery, materials, quality control, and cost analysis.


Mechanical Engineers design, manufacture, and maintain industrial machines and engines. They are involved in the development of a wide range of products, from spacecraft and air conditioning systems to automobiles and dryers

Career Opportunities

Employment opportunities exist across fields, however, the department places particular emphasis on mechanical engineering skills in relation to key industry sectors such as mining, manufacturing, and design.

The “A to Z” of Mechanical Engineering

Employment opportunities that exist within the field of Mechanical Engineering Technology:
Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Automotive Engineer
  • Contracting Civil Engineer
  • Control and Instrumentation Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Corporate Investment Banker
  • Mining Engineer
  • Patent Attorney
  • Production Manager
  • Technical Sales Engineer
  • Water Engineer


Head of Department: Professor Madindwa Mashinini