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The Town and Regional Planning Research Group is one of the research groups under the School of Civil Engineering and the Built Environment in Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (FEBE) at University of Johannesburg. The department is involved in multi-disciplinary research areas of urban planning and development sector. At present, the departmental academic staff members represent the core research members of the TRP research group. During the last five years, the staff members of the department have presented their papers in various multi-disciplinary areas of urban sector at national and international conferences. Besides the presentations at national and international level, the research papers have been published in form of conference papers, journals and book chapters.

Research focus areas of Department of Town and Regional Planning:

George Onatu

Housing Finance analysis, Informal settlement, Land Use Management & Property Development, Local Economic Development, Mixed Development, Sustainable Development in housing and Social issues and Community Studies.

Zenzile E Mbinza

Urban Design Techniques, Urban Renewal and Gentrification, Perceptions of Design at Grass Roots Levels, Urban Development Bias versus Rural Development, Regional Economics.

Aurobindo Ogra

Urban & Regional Planning, Urban Environment & Infrastructure Development, Urban Reforms & Local Governance, Local Economic Development (LED), Tourism Infrastructure & Planning, Geographic Information System (GIS), e-Governance, Project Development & Management, Capacity Building.

Eric Makoni

African Urbanism, Urban Planning Theory, Intergovernmental Planning Processes, Race, Space & Violence, Decolonial and Post Colonial Thinking

Walter Musakwa

Applications of Geographic Information Technology in Urban and Regional Planning.