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In the past five years, CERT has produced 30 accredited journal articles, 25 peer-reviewed chapters in books, three books and numerous other publications including 65 non-accredited articles, chapters, reports and publications. CERT members have also given 42 keynote addresses and presentations in local and international conferences and seminars 55 interviews to the print media and 31 interviews to electronic media journalists (local and global media) and 15 opinion articles for the mass media.

In 2014, CERT had six active research projects, several of which drew international exposure and participation. CERT will add three new research projects in 2015. CERT staff produced eleven peer reviewed book chapters and edited one book in 2014 and expects the publication of eight chapters and three peer-reviewed books in 2015, published four articles in accredited peer reviewed journals in 2014, had five articles accepted for publication in 2015, and expects to submit twelve articles for publication in accreted peer-reviewed journals in 2015. In addition to the above output, CERT had over thirty monographs, booklets, manuals, op-eds and other articles published in 2014. This includes four Op-Ed articles, fifteen print media interviews and eleven electronic media interviews.

CERT became the ‘home’ for the accredited journal Education as Change in 2014. The Editor-in-Chief is Dirk Postma from the Faculty of Education. Salim Vally together with Carol Anne Spreen are guest editors of a special issue of Education as Change expected to be published in July 2015. Both Linda Chisholm and Salim Vally serve on thee Editorial Board and the Management Committee of the journal.

Completed Research Projects include:

  • Report on Multigrade Teaching and Learning. January 2010
  • Towards an ABET implementation strategy. November 2010
  • Teaching Literacy and Numeracy in Multigrade Classes in Rural and Farm Schools in South Africa. December 2011
  • Community Literacy and Social Justice. June 2012
  • The Education Rights of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants in South Africa. November 2012
  • Youth Unemployment, Education and Training. December 2012
  • The Right to Education and Transformation. December 2012

On-going Research Projects:

  • Post-School Education and Training Project
  • Education Rights Project
  • Community Education Project
  • Education Rights, Social Justice and Transformation
  • Globalisation and Education
  • Industrial Change, Technology and Skills in Post-School Education
  • Privatisation of Education
  • The ‘German Model’ and South African Education
  • Transformation from School to Work: Secondary Education and Youth Development
  • Community Protests and Quality Education
  • Emerging Voices 2
  • The Legacy Project
  • Funded Projects

Re-Thinking Archives

  • The Education Rights of Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants: Foundation for Human Rights
  • Education Rights Project : Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
  • Community Education Project/Emerging Voices 2: Education Policy Consortium/DHET
  • Post-schooling Education and Training (PSET) Publications: Education Policy Consortium/DHET