Postgraduate Students

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PhD and DPhil Students

Rabia Bhamjee

Rabia, a temporary lecturer in Biochemistry, pursues a DPhil on ‘AR tools for metabolism learning.’ As a pioneer at the University of Johannesburg, her study merges Biochemistry and Technology Education, leveraging Virtual and Augmented Reality. With a Master’s in Biochemistry and a diploma in Higher Education, she’s dedicated to learning. Teaching since 2010, including in Biomedical Sciences, she shifted to tech integration during COVID-19. Her focus: using AR/VR to aid Biochemistry students. She secured 2nd place at the 3 Minute Thesis Competition.

Teboho Moloi

Teboho is a dedicated STEM education researcher and an assistant lecturer in the Department of Science and Technology Education. His PhD research titled “Synergistic scaffolding of grade 11 Physical Sciences learners in augmented reality-enhanced simulated inquiry-based learning of chemical change” showcases his passion for transformations in STEM education. As an assistant lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, he actively shapes future Physical Sciences pre-service teachers, showcasing a passion for innovative methodologies and a mission to enhance teaching and learning quality in South Africa’s disadvantaged communities.

 Silondiwe Ngwenya

Silondiwe is a PhD Candidate within the Department of  Science and Technology Education (SciTechEd), having earned both BEd Honours and Master’s degrees in Science Education with distinction from the same department. Her research interests have consistently revolved around the dynamic intersection of language in science and technology-enhanced teaching and learning. Her current research path is guided by a fascination with emerging technologies, particularly immersive virtual reality (IVR), and their potential in education. Her PhD research focuses on elucidating the potential of immersive virtual reality to augment the spatial abilities of pre-service teachers in the field of Life Sciences.

Gloria Makamu

Gloria is a dedicated educator who began her academic journey at the University of Johannesburg in 2013, earning a Bachelor of Education (BEd) with a focus on Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Natural Sciences. Following this, she completed her Honours in Science Education in 2017 and joined Germiston High School as a Physical Sciences teacher. Gloria further excelled, achieving a Masters in Science Education in 2021 with a dissertation on Physical Sciences teachers’ pedagogical practices using simulations in a 5E Instructional Model. Currently, she pursuing a PhD where she explores the impact of Augmented Reality in South African Physical Sciences classrooms, showcasing a strong commitment to advancing Science Education.

MEd and MPhil Students

Natacia Mnguni

Natacia is a dedicated academic pursuing a Master’s in Virtual and Augmented Reality for STEM Education at the University of Johannesburg. Having completed her Honours in STEM Education with a focus on ICT innovations in 2022, she holds a Bachelor of Education from 2021, specializing in senior phase and further education and training (FET). Natacia’s expertise spans English and School ICT support, showcasing a comprehensive understanding of subjects and technology’s role in education. Her research interests include integrating virtual reality, augmented reality, and online platforms to revolutionize educational experiences. Natacia actively contributes to the educational community, serving as an Educational Technologist and part-time lecturer at IIE Rosebank College, where she applies her skills to enhance the educational technology landscape.

 Gerhard Labuschagne

Gerhard is a postgraduate student at the University of Johannesburg and is pursuing an MPhil in Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR) for STEM education. Concurrently, he holds the title of registered Professional Engineer (Pr. Eng) with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA). With an electronic engineering background, including a BEng (Hons) from the University of Pretoria, Gerhard’s academic journey forms the basis for his work in educational technology. His MPhil research focuses on enhancing learning experiences through AR, specifically in teaching electricity generation and distribution in Natural Sciences. The aim of the study is to offer practical insights for effectively implementing AR to enhance interactive engagement in South African classrooms.

Anban Mestry

Anban Mestry holds an honours degree in Computer Science from the University of the Witwatersrand and is currently engaged in a Masters research focusing on the use of augmented reality and gamification in education to enhance the understanding of electricity concepts among South African learners, merging his technological expertise with a passion for educational innovation. Over the past 16 years, Anban has developed his career through diverse technology roles in telecommunications and manufacturing. As the Executive Head of Digital Channels and Engineering at Vodacom Group, he oversees the technology strategy and delivery of digital platforms across eight operating companies in Africa. His professional achievements include a Vodacom CEO Award for Best Individual in Technology in 2021.