TRCTI Working Paper Series

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2021 Working Papers

WP 2021-01: Allouche, J., and Wandji, D. (2021)

Pairing Social Innovation and Resilience to Achieve Trans-formative Change 


WP 2021 – 02: Adesida, O., Karuri-Sebina, G., Thaver, K. (2021)

Strengthening Innovation Ecosystems in Africa: Seeking out the systemic changes in the wake of COVID-19


WP 2021-03: Naidoo, C.P., and Ting, M.B. (2021)

Uncertainty: A Trigger towards Transformative Policies and Innovation


WP 2021-04: Mugabe, J.O., and Manyuchi, A.E. (2021)

Unlocking Systemic Barriers to Health Innovations for COVID-19 in Africa


WP 2021 – 05: Lee, K. (2021)

Revisiting Resource-based Development Strategies in the Post Pandemic Era


WP 2021 – 06: Petersen, I., Mustapha, N., Van Rheede, N., and Kruss, G. (2021)

Harnessing Innovation in the Informal Food Services Sector: Insights for public policy in the age of COVID-19


WP 2021 – 07: Chakravaty, S., and Knorringa, P. (2021)

Enabling Inclusive Technological Change through Transformative Policies: Frugal innovations from medical device manufacturing firms in South Africa


WP 2021 – 08: Soumonni, O., and Segla, A. (2021)

Endogenous Pharmaceutical Innovation in the Era of COVID-19: Epistemological perspectives from Benin and South Africa


WP 2021 – 09: Atela, J., and Pelling, M (2021)


Science-policy Interface in the Pro-poor Response to COVID-19 in Africa: Lessons for post-pandemic planning


WP 2021 – 10: Park, J. (2021)

Sustainable Development Finance and Investments in the Age of COVID-19 Theoretical and policy implications for Africa


WP 2021 – 11: Gatune, J., Karuri-Sebina, G., Kingiri, A., Lorenz, E., and de Boer, D. (2021)

Different Strokes of the 4th Industrial Revolution: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic on technological change and prospects for Africa


WP 2021 – 12: Hadeshi, M. (2021)

Industrial Recovery in postCOVID-19 Sub-Saharan Africa