Competitive Intelligence - Tools and Analysis SLP _Brochure.pdf

The purpose of this SLP  is to introduce students to analytical frameworks such as scenario analysis and competitor benchmarking, in order to strategically identify and present information as actionable intelligence, The purpose of this SLP is  also to focus on ethics in Competitive Intelligence, ensuring that students are made aware and adhere to international standards in this regards. Students will further be introduced to the corporate structure as it relates to the function of Competitive Intelligence, and students will explore the skills and expertise required by a Competitive Intelligence analyst.


Contemporary Knowledge Management Techniques SLP_ Brochure.pdf

The purpose of this SLP is to equip students to have the knowledge and skill to identify the different elements of Knowledge Management (KM) within their work environment. Students will have been exposed to the necessary competencies and skills to formulate a knowledge strategy and promote a knowledge sharing culture through the use of Communities of Practice and knowledge cafés.


Information Management Fundamentals SLP _ Brochure.pdf

The purpose of this SLP is to provide the student with the knowledge and skills to identify the different phases in the information life cycle, distinguish between the different types of information sources, and be familiar with information legislation and management principles. A student is equipped with the necessary competencies and skills to apply technology associated with the Internet, World Wide Web (www) and search engines for basic information management purposes.


Knowledge Economy in the 4IR SLP_ Brochure.pdf

The purpose of this SLP is to equip the student with the necessary knowledge to identify the characteristics of a knowledge economy in the 4IR to be able to understand the knowledge economy and intellectual capital as a key commodity in a knowledge economy and will be able to describe the importance of knowledge-intensive activities in wealth creation; show cognisance of the problems, issues and opportunities of developing countries moving towards a knowledge economy; and skills necessary for knowledge workers to contribute to the workplace in the knowledge economy.


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