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Interior Designers give spaces character

If you thought interior design was just about decorating, think again! Interior Designers engage with a range of interior spaces to create innovative spatial solutions with a thorough knowledge of building technology, materials and human environmental needs. Interior designers have a broad scope of knowledge of design and construction and use their expertise in refining the interior space to the highest level of function, quality and comfort and detail.

​Functional Aesthetics

The study of Interior Design involves a sound knowledge of architectural structure, space planning, building materials and finishes, surfaces, lighting, interior fittings and furniture. Interior designers work on the interior spaces of corporate offices, retail stores, restaurants, exhibitions, hotels, residences and more. They often work in association with architects and engineers in planning, designing and finishing the spaces of new buildings or renovated ones.

Creative problem solving

At the University of Johannesburg interior design students develop the ability to solve design-related problems in divergent and creative ways. The scope of training opens doors to many career opportunities in the world of interior design and architecture where graduates will work with both the structural and aesthetic aspects of interiors.

Professional Bodies

The Interior Department is a member of the African institute of interior design professions.
The faculty has educational membership with the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media (CUMULUS) and the Design Educators forum of SA (DEFSA).