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Dr Nicolette Houreld

Name: Nicolette Houreld
Location: 5306E, John Orr Building
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Contact Details:
Tel: +27 (0) 11 559 6833


About Prof Nicolette Houreld

Extensive experience in laser tissue interaction and the biochemical and molecular effects of lasers, particularly in diabetic wound healing.


Google Scholar Profile From NRF 2015: Laser in biology,  Laser tissue interaction,  Diabetes,  PDT,  Tissue culture,  Tissue engineering,  Wound healing,  Polymerase chain reaction From 2015 UJ expert list: Laser Tissue Interaction; Biochemistry; From NRF 2014: Laser in biology,  Laser therapy,  Laser tissue interaction From Google Scholar Topics: Laser tissue interaction, wound healing, diabetes, low level laser therapy, phototherapy