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(This document is based on the Faculty of Law Guidelines developed by Professor Dawie De Villiers)


UJ has supported the migration to online teaching and learning for the second term of the academic calendar with appropriate communications and guidelines. The DVC Academic and the DVC Research and Internationalisation have provided the necessary information, principles and procedures. Implementation has been supported by guidelines, most notably:
  • UJ Toolkit for off-campus teaching & learning 2020
  • UJ Assessment Guidelines for Learning at a Distance
  • COVID-19: Guidelines for Programmes that have Workplace or Experiential /
  • Practical Components.

In now addressing online open-book exams, this document represents a logical progression of all documentation that has preceded it.


This document is intended to serve as a useful resource for academics.
It addresses what is, in a sense, the culminating step in the online processes of teaching and learning and assessment that academics have recently engaged with commitment and innovation: the exams. Just as the very nature of exams is summative assessment, exams are now rather like the summative major challenge in the unprecedented situation in which we find ourselves.This document is best seen as complementary to the ‘UJ Assessment Guidelines for Learning at a Distance’. It has a selective focus on online, open-book exams across all disciplines, recognising that each discipline has its own distinctive conceptual architecture and challenges.

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