Service Delivery

Strategic End User Support:

The Service Delivery Domain (Service Delivery) acts as the primary interface to the University of Johannesburg (UJ) IT User community; an important responsibility is to establish and build a strong working relationships with Faculties and Support departments, in understanding their strategic direction, impending changes and ensuring that the User community leverages value from IT as provisioned and supported by Information and Communication Systems (ICS).

​Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

The domain focuses on the development, management, implementation and maintenance of appropriate SLAs with all Faculties and Service Departments.

​Effective Campus Support:

Build strong and productive relationships with key UJ stakeholders creating visibility of the ICS department and provide support to meet agreed SLAs targets and ensure that User expectations are met and if possible exceeded. Ensures that systems, processes and methodologies as specified are followed to provide effective monitoring, control and support of service delivery. Ensure timely, concise and effective communication with stakeholders on Service outages, Interruptions and Service improvements.

​Back Office Integration:

Service Delivery works alongside the Operations and Infrastructure domains to ensure that SLAs are met and User expectations are exceeded. In addition work closely with the other ICS domains to ensure that the overall service improvement plan is being followed and services delivered to the clients is being improved as per the plan.

​Functioning AVU & Computer Laboratory Units:

Provide human and technology resources to support the teaching and learning environment. In order to have a clear understanding of the operations and challenges inherent in these units monthly service reviews will be put in place to discuss service issues and identify means to address identified issues.

​Mature Specialized Support (Apple):

A core team is being established, trained and mentored to provide support to the Apple environment within the four UJ campuses. Computer resources are being sourced to facilitate this learning by the support team so that support levels are increased to the Apple user community. This community is increasing at UJ with the rollout of Apple IPad devices to senior managers and executives. This core team is also providing support to the growing number of Apple Macs within the institution.​

UJ Audio visual unit services

AVU is supportive Unit that forms part of Information Communication that’s is concerned with AV equipment support in lecture venue; seminar rooms; Auditoriums and Events venues. The core business of the AV Unit is designing; supporting; maintaining; documenting and developing audio-visual (AV) and ICT solutions for the University particularly in teaching and learning spaces in a professional, efficient and service-orientated manner. The AV Unit of University of Johannesburg also is concerned with research and development of AV services, products and managing AV assets that reside on all UJ properties.

Contacts for UJ AVU Services

AVU Service can be request through Centralized service desk

Classroom renewal upgrade project

  • How many Venue we have kitted out and how many intending to do by 2017
  • What our UJ standard venue offers functionality wise
  • Venue functionality Information and How to Manuals

Campus Support Unit

Campus Support provides a bridge between ICS and the UJ Community. We translate the complexity of Technology to better enable the staff and students of UJ to perform their daily functions and expected outputs. We strive to Build strong and productive relationships with key UJ stakeholders with keeping in mind that communication is key.

Campus Support provides technical support for hardware and software installations and together with the Centralised Help Desk is your first and central point of contact between the UJ Community and the ICS Department.

The objective of Campus Support is to provide efficient, effective and high-quality information technology support, ensuring our users receive information on developments from within the ICS Department and the world of Technology as a whole.


  • Staff computing software images and licensing compliance
  • Computer/peripheral standards
  • New and replacement rollouts
  • Software installation, virus protection, printer setup
  • Hardware repair
  • Hardware Inventory

Our Strategies

  1. Staffing: Implement an agile staffing strategy that will improve the IT value proposition and have a balanced approach to the core activities of the University.
  2. Learning & Teaching: Position IT as a key enabler in the operationalisation of the University’s Teaching and Learning Strategy.
  3. Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with different stakeholder groups, building mutual trust and understanding to ultimately become strategic partners. Openness and transparency will be key in this strategy.
  4. Support Model: Improve the IT support model to provide differentiated support and enable self-support while facilitating freedom of choice. Strive for operational excellence.
  5. Continuous Improvement: Continuously improve the current IT services to ensure higher availability and reliability, thereby increasing productivity and user satisfaction.

Service Desk

The Service Desk is a Single Point of Contact to meet communication requirements for the entire UJ Community and IT Staff. The Service Desk manages information delivery by utilizing best practices to deliver these services both with software and defined processes. The Service Desk is the first contact in an organization for any and all IT questions. The Service Desk is process focused and company strategy driven.

Contact the Service Desk