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Prof Grace Khunou

Grace Khunou
Prof Grace Khunou
Department of Sociology

Contact Details
CRing 633
+27 (0)11 559 3346
Auckland Park Kingsway Campus:


Grace Khunou is a Professor in the Sociology Department at the University of Johannesburg. She writes creatively and academically and has published in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and research reports; she has also presented more than thirty papers in international and local conferences and reviews articles for SARS and other local academic journals. She is a Member of the Executive Committee of the International Sociological Association for the term 2018-2022. Her research interests are Gender and health; Masculinities; Black Middle Class; Father Connections and Father Identity. 


Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology 2007
Master of Arts in Sociology – 2001
Bachelor of Arts with Hons. in Industrial Sociology - 1999
Bachelor of Arts – 1998

Research Interests

Gender and health
Father Connections and Father Identity
Black Middle Class;
Gender and HIV
Social Policy
Higher Education/Practice-Linked Knowledge Initiatives

Teaching Experience

Has taught various undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Sociology and Social Work

Academic Citizenship

Member of the South African Sociological Association.
Member of the International Sociological Association.
Reviewer for various local journals.
Council Member of the Sociological Association of South Africa (SASA) - 2011
Member of the Editorial Collective of the South African Review of Sociology (SARS) - 2011/2/3/4.
SASA Congress Convener for the Health Working Group – 2013

Selected Record of Publications

Selebano, N., & Khunou, G. 2015. Early Fatherhood in White City-Soweto: a time-bound contextual construct. Open Family Studies Journal.

Chauke, P., & Khunou, G. 2015. Child Support and Fatherhood in the South African media. Open Family Studies Journal

Khunou, G. 2015. What Middle Class: the flux experiences of class. Development Southern Africa.

Khunou, G. 2014. Are men's health care needs important? A critical analysis of the South African Health Policy. In Reddy, V. Meyer, S. Shefer, T. Meyiwa, T. Care in Context. HSRC PRESS.

Padi, T., Nduna, M., Khunou, G., & Kholopane, P. 2014. Defining absent, unknown and undisclosed fathers in the lives of young people in South Africa. South African Review of Sociology, 45(2): 44-54.  

Khunou, G. 2013. Men’s Health: an Analysis of representations of Men’s Health in the Sowetan Newspaper.  Communication:39(2).

Khunou, G., Nethononda, A. & Pillay, R. 2012. Social Work is “women’s work”: an analysis of student’s perceptions of gender as a career choice determinant. Social Work Practitioner Researcher. 24(1).

Khunou, G. 2012. Making love possible: cell phones and intimate relations. African Identities (International). 10(2).

Khunou, G. 2012. Money and Gender Relations in the South African Maintenance system. South African Review of Sociology. 43(1).

Khunou, G. 2012 ‘Cosatu and Policy Making’, in Buhlungu, S. and Tshoaedi M. Cosatu’s Contested Legacy. Pretoria: HSRC PRESS and BRILL (Peer Reviewed; National/International).

Khunou, G. 2009. Manhood: paying your way and playing with the girls. South African Labour Bulletin

Bezuidenhout, A., Khunou, G., Mosoetsa, S., Sutherland K., and Thoburn, J. 2007. Globalization and Poverty: Impacts on households of employment and Restructuring in the textiles Industry of South Africa, Journal of International Development  19.

Mbembe J. A., Dlamini, N., and Khunou G. 2004. “Soweto Now”. Public Culture, 16.

Khunou, G. 2006. A chapter on “Fathers Don’t Stand a Chance: experiences of Custody, Access and Maintenance”, published in Richter, L and Morrel, R. (eds). 2006. The book Baba? Men and fatherhood in South Africa. HSRC Press.

Khunou, G. 2003. “Is Human Fatherhood a Social Invention? Attitudes and Views of Men on Maintenance”. In Budlender, D and Moyo, B. 2003. What about the children: the silent voices of Maintenance. Johannesburg.

Khunou, G. 2002. A chapter on “‘Massive Cutoffs’: Cost Recovery and Electricity Service in Diepkloof, Soweto”. In MacDonald, D.A., and Pape, J. 2002. Cost Recovery and the crisis of service delivery in South Africa. Cape Town: HSRC Publishers.