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Botany and Plant Biotechnology
+27 (0)11 559 2412
D2 LAB 233
Prof Ben-Erik van Wyk

Primary Expertise:
Plant taxonomy,  Ethnobotany,  Indigenous plant use
Secondary Expertise:
Classificaiton and identification of plants; useful plants; medicinal plants; edible plants; plant chemistry; plant toxicology (poisonous plants); traditional medicine, indigenous knowledge
NRF Rating:
Internationally acclaimed researcher
Faculty of Science

DST/NRF SARChI National Research Chair in Indigenous Plant Use, Tier 1 (2013–2022)
Expertise: Plant taxonomy, Ethnobotany, Indigenous plant use (classification and identification of plants; medicinal plants; edible plants; plant chemistry; plant toxicology; traditional medicine, indigenous knowledge).

NRF Rating: B1
H-factor: Scopus = 33 (3988 citations); Google Scholar = 46 (11 441 citations)
Visiting Professor: Center for Biotic Products, National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico (2014–)
Supervised 25 MSc and 16 PhD students 

Google Scholar Profile

 Research activities:

1.Taxonomy, systematics and chemosystematics of African plant families, mainly Apiaceae (Umbelliferae), Fabaceae (African genistoid legumes) and Asphodelaceae (Aloe and related genera).

2.Medicinal plants and ethnobotany, including Khoi-San and Cape Dutch ethnobotany, quality control, product and crop development.​

Other activities:

  1. Chairman of the Aloe Council of South Africa (Pty) Ltd.
  2.  Chairman of the Indigenous Plant Use Forum
  3.  Member of the Association for African Medicinal Plant Standards (AAMPS)
  4. Member of Briza Publications CC
  5. Member of the Presidential Task Team on African Traditional Medicine
  6. Commercialisation of indigenous African plants
  7. Member of Editorial Boards: South African Journal of Botany (Elsevier), Phytotaxa and Biodiversity 
  8. Book author