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Dr Dipuo Kgotleng

Dr Dipuo Kgotleng
Palaeo-Research Institute Staff Members

Contact Details
House 7, Humanities Research Village
011 559 1938

​My research interest is in taxonomy and taphonomy of fossil fauna from the Plio-Pleistocene cave sites of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site. The primary aim is developing a model for taxonomic identification of isolated fossil primate postcranial remains and spatial analysis of these and providing them with a phylogenetic context within the broader primate evolutionary history.

Main Research projects

  1. Taxonomy and taphonomy of fossil primate postcrania from Plio-Pleistocene fossil cave sites in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site: the project establishes the isolated postcrania's taxonomic affinity based on qualitative observations and morphometric data. I establish patterns and/or variation in morphological traits presented by the fossil cercopithecoid postcranial fauna. Automated photogrammetry to draw 3D high-resolution dataset on external morphology is also used to extract morphometric data to statistically determine the lowest level-traits, which are best predictors of taxonomy.
  2. I have a background in developing South African government policy on palaeo-research. My interest is on how South African research policy can be utilised to effectively support the development of research. One of my career objectives is to create awareness and engage ordinary South Africans on palaeo-research and its relevance for transformation and social cohesion in the current socio-political environment.