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Alumni Membership Discounts

Alumni Membership Package

The alumni membership package unlocks exclusive benefits. Your alumni access card is your passport to additional benefits and campus access. Membership lasts for 1 year and can be renewed for as long as you wish.

Alumni access cards will only be issued to alumni who register for on campus benefits. Alumni who do not have an alumni access card must pay a once off fee of R150.00 to get an access card that is tied to an on campus benefit.



 Access card cost: R150.00
R0.00R150.00 p.mR250.00 p.m
LIBRARY SERVICESR650.00 valid for 12 months (Including access card)Free access to Library services or Gym servicesFree

Online Library services and additional services

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School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH)

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No discountAlumni rateAlumni rate + voucher for select events
UJ GymnasiumAlumni 200.00 per month, access to all GymsFree access to Library services or Gym servicesFree access to all Gyms
UJ Arts & Cultureno free ticket – normal rates apply50% Discount – 2 tickets per alumni60% Discount – 3 tickets per alumni
UJ Sportsno free ticket – normal rates apply1 Free ticket2 Free tickets
UJ FM15% discount20% discount30% discount
UJ ISLANDNo discount20% discount20% discount

UJ Online Shop

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No discount

20% discount on purchases of R500 to R999.99


25% discount on purchases of R1000 and above

25% discount on purchases of R500 to R999.99 including free delivery.


30% Discount on purchases of R1000 and above including free delivery

E-Academic Records

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4IR Short Courses

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Wellness Programme

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Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals 2022

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External Benefits

Mail & Guardian

Free for all alumni for the first 6 months

Normal rates applyDiscounted rate of R75.00 per month fee on Mail & Guardian premium platformDiscounted rate of R60.00 per month fee on Mail & Guardian premium platform


Over 7 000 job opportunities are available on Alumni Connect. Register here:



Click here to read the full Information on the Use of the Alumni Membership Tiers.


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Step 1: UJ alumni will request membership via the i-Enabler portal

Step 2: The alumni can select their preferred benefit tier from the drop-down menu on the left, i.e. Silver, Gold, or Platinum. The Silver tier is a free tier that only requires registration. The Gold and Platinum tiers are paid for, please refer to the benefits table above.

Step 3: The alumni can select options to renew or cancel memberships under the different tiers. The alumni may renew their membership at any time.

Step 4: An email is sent to alumni as a confirmation of membership requested on their selected tier. There is further card payment, monthly tier payment, and general information in the emailer, please read through it carefully.

Step 5: The alumni need to complete and sign any form(s) attached to the email. All information must be sent back to the same email address.

Step 6: The alumni will have to send their proof of payment(s) to the alumni office,, as confirmation of payment and for final registration on the select membership tier.

Step 7:  Once the registration process has been completed, a confirmation email will be sent with card collection information for access to the four UJ campuses. Once the alumni have received their access cards, they may enjoy the benefits associated with their chosen benefit tier.

Is there a cost to be a member on the benefit tiers?

Yes, each benefit tier has its own cost.

Alumni access card: R150.00 once off

Silver: No monthly payment

Gold: R 150.00 per month

Platinum: R 250.00 per month

How much does the access card cost?

For first-time membership the alumnus pays R 150.00 upfront for the access card. For alumni that already have existing alumni cards, the card will be activated once membership has been confirmed. Applicants can only receive an alumni access card that is tied to a benefit tier. Alumni access cards cannot be used for access onto the UJ campuses only.

How can I make payment?

Payment can be made via EFT, credit card or stop order. Please use the appropriate reference number when making payment. Your reference number should include your selected tier and student number i.e. Silver, Gold or Platinum student number.

Please note that all payments for the Silver tier should be made only to the department involved for the benefit you are looking to use.

Please click here to make an online payment to finalise your application and please use your selected tier and student number as your reference (Gold or Platinum student number)

For EFT or Stop Order Payments, please use the banking details below:

Alumni Access Card Banking Details:


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62615873149




REFERENCE NUMBER: (Type Silver, Gold or Platinum and Student Number)

Please send your proof of payment to

How will we receive invitations to other events that need tickets?

As an alumnus of UJ, you can take advantage of several different benefits. These benefits will be communicated to alumni, therefore their contact details have to remain updated so we can communicate new benefit options.

How can I change my contact details?

An alumnus can log into i-Enabler to update their contact details. If your contact details are up to date, you will receive the most recent communication from the Alumni Office. If you still cannot access the i-Enabler platform, please send us an email to

I am already on an existing benefit, how can I move onto one of the new membership tiers?

Alumni looking to move onto the new membership tiers would need to email the alumni office for details and steps on how to upgrade your package into the new benefit tiers.

How may I use the Alumni access card?

Applicants can only receive an alumni access card that is tied to a benefit tier. Alumni access cards cannot be used for access onto the UJ campuses only. Alumni with existing alumni access cards may use their existing alumni access cards, the alumni access card will be activated once the alumnus has joined a membership tier. All on-campus benefit applicants need to pay an upfront payment of R 150.00 for an alumni access card. The access card will provide access to all campuses in relation to the in-person benefit tier.

How can i get help to access the i-Enabler platform?

If you cannot log into the i-Enabler platform or you are experiencing difficulty logging in, please send all enquiries to

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