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Merit Bursaries

The Student Finance Internal Bursaries office currently caters for the following list of merit bursaries:

  • Undergraduate Merit Bursary
  • Leadership Awards Bursary
  • Multiple Degrees Bursary
  • M&D Merit Bursary

Merit Bursaries Application 2023: Applications for the current academic year will be open on the 15th of April 2023. The online merit bursaries portal for 2023 will be active and available to all currently registered students for this academic year on the above-mentioned date.

Merit bursaries will be granted based on final Grade 12 results. To calculate your Admission Point Score (APS) from your equivalent final Grade 12 results click here

All other merit bursaries will automatically be allocated to your student account.

For Merit Bursaries eligibility (Including APS rules) for 2023 to be published as soon as it is available.