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LesediLesedi ​ residence is a senior residence for female senior students and post graduates. The residence accommodates about 105 Students. The Building is divided in to 3 Blocks that are linked to each other with 39 Single Rooms and 33 Double Rooms.

  • The first Block “Sandton” Have three floors with 25 double rooms with bathrooms inside.
  • The second Block co​mmonly known as “Rosebank” has two floors with 23 single rooms.
  • The third Block commonly known as “Alexandra” also has two floors with 8 Double Rooms and 16 single rooms.


  • Pool table
  • Table Tennis
  • Study Centre
  • TV rooms with DSTV installed
  • Laundry rooms
  • Fully furnished kitchens
  • 4 – 8 Showers per floor
  • Bath tubs inside double rooms
  • Lawn area


Residence Assistant:
Name: Ms Daphney Mogano
Tel: 011 559 6217
Email: dmogano@uj.ac.za

House Warden:
Name: Mr Tindy Mitoumba Herve
Tel: 011 559 3278
Email: hmitoumba-tindy@uj.ac.za