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LeboneLebone Ladies Residence is located on the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus of the University of Johannesburg which bases their culture on Ancient Egypt. Lebone was then formally inaugurated on 14th August 1998 by Professor TR Botha,former the Vice-Rector.

Here lives a total of 144 young and vibrant, lady junior residents, who each have a single room (regardless of the year of study)


  • A study centre (also used for other events)
  • A TV room A laundry room (where you can do your laundry for free)
  • Wireless connection
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • One bath room per floor with a basin (9 double storey houses)
  • One shower per floor Two toilets per floor Two single standing basins
  • A mirror in the passage way


Residence Assistant:
Name: Gladys Leeuw
Tel: ​011 559 2476
Email: gleeuw@uj.ac.za

House Warden:
Name: Prof Chris Landsberg (Acting)
Tel: 011 559 2893
Email: clandsberg@uj.ac.za