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IkhayalethuIkhayalethu means “our home”. We are the best Dayhouse on the Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus and cater for private students in terms of Residence Life. Having a safe and secure environment within which private students can participate in residence life activities, while becoming part of a family with brothers and sisters from different backgrounds.

An Ikhayalethu dream
To take all our members through a journey of a different world.
At the core of UJ we see no color, no race and no difference in culture
Campuses and structures that placed us on this hill may separate us but on this hill we dance and sing the same song of love and loyalty that of which makes us a family.
We are family at Ikhayalethu elisentabeni.

Coming from different provinces, family backgrounds, and races, at Ikhayalethu we do not judge at all.
We work together to create a platform of equity, love and support.
Creating future leaders is what we ought to do.
As the steep might be difficult, we help you pull through by providing a helping hand, shelter you with warmth in difficult times and stormy days.

Teaching our members that, although they might stumble along the way, failure is not the end but is the beginning of a new era.
Creating a chain of stronghold to guide our members to the top where the light shines and green pastures await is Ikhayalethu’s dream.

Becoming a member:

Must be a private student, registered and studying at UJ.
Attend at our House, complete the membership form and pay the membership fee of R400.00 once off from 2017.

  • You will get your House T-shirt; and
  • Once off Ticket to End Year Gala Dinner during year of paying membership fee.

Looking down from the mountain top
We stand tall with wings open wide
Awaiting opportunities that our claws will grip
Just like amaQhawe Nama Qhawekazi
E-Ikhayalethu aS’sab’Lutho.

Re bloma re ringa, we understand each other and fede ra shebelana.
Whatever you need retlao shebele if we can.
We are the type to acknowledge everyone.
We stand high because vele asiSab’lutho
We understand each other and we support and look out for each other.

I see you, Brother, I see you, Sister.
We stand high because indeed we are not afraid of anything.

Come stand on our hill, where birds and man can seek refuge
Where leaders dwell and excellence rain
Athi ntshava kambe hi vona thava-thava ya yona.
Kaya rahina ro kufumela hirirhandzo.
So here we are on the top of the hill
Ready to fly.

Participation in Residence Life activities:


Sport (Soccer and Netball);


– First Years & New Members Welcome Braai;
– Community Outreach and Engagement (twice a year);
– Awards (First Year, Second Year and Third Year – Males and Females) and Names to be engraved on our Honours Boards;

Sports; and
Community Engagement.

End Year Gala Dinner;
Movie Night;
Exam Project; and

Possibility to become a:

– House Committee Member; and
– Residence Academic Advisor.

1. Study and Computer area;

2. WiFi Connection;

3. DSTV and Playstation;

4. Beautiful garden and Braai area;

5. Picnic benches with gorgeous orange umbrellas;

6. Toilets for both Male and Females;

7. Kitchen; and

8. Boardroom.


Email: ikhayalethu@uj.ac.za
Follow us on Twitter

House Warden:
Name: Mr. Mhlobowethu Hoyi (Acting)
Tel: 011 559 2788
Email: mhoyi@uj.ac.za


At the old Rag Farm on APB.
Next to the Barry Hertzog entrance, opposite STH.