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The Qualification and Verification Unit oversees the ordering of academic documentation. The unit is also mandated to provide third party verification of UJ qualifications on behalf of UJ.


Order Platform

The information below must be read prior to placing an order.

Document Type

  • Academic Transcript/Record (Document containing qualifications registered/obtained and modules registered reflecting overall outcomes/marks obtained)
  • Transcript Supplement (Curriculum Supplement of all modules completed successfully completed per qualification) – *Academic Transcript/Record included.
  • Confirmation Letter (in instances where an academic transcript/record is not required)

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All queries related to the ordering of academic documentation must be directed to transcripts@uj.ac.za


Third Party UJ Qualification Verification Requests

Alumni must register on the following platform in order to grant permission to third parties to access their UJ Academic Information. UJ offers this free service as a benefit to its Alumni.

Should a third party decline the use on the digital platform to verify a UJ qualification, an email can be sent to ujverifications@uj.ac.za for assistance