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The Council governs the University of Johannesburg and is constituted according to the provisions of the Higher Education Act No. 101 of 1997 and the University of Johannesburg Statute.

Its responsibilities include determining the mission, objectives, goals, strategies and policies for the progress of the institution. It must also ensure an environment that is conducive to attaining these goals efficiently, effectively, economically and ethically.

In addition, the Council has the responsibility of maintaining and ensuring a financially secure, healthy and viable environment and is accountable for all decisions made at UJ.​


Council consists of 21 members. At least 60% of the members are not employees or students of the University (external members) as in accordance with Section 9 of the Institutional Statute of the University of Johannesburg. Council is constituted to reflect diversity with due regard to adequate competence and experience relevant to the core business, goals, objectives and governance of the University and consists of the following 21 members:


External Members (13)
  1. Five members appointed by the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation.
  2. Six members appointed by the Council, with a broad spectrum of competencies (knowledge, skills, experience, values and attitudes) in the fields such as, but not limited to, education, business, finance, law, marketing, information technology and human resource management.
  3. Two members of the Convocation elected by the Convocation, none of whom is an employee or student of the University.
  4. Co-opted members as the Council deems fit, appointed by Council subject to Section 9 (1)(a)(iv) of the UJ Statute and Section 27 (4) of the Act.


Internal Members (8)
  1. The Vice-Chancellor and Principal.
  2. One member of the MEC nominated by the Management Executive Committee of the University and appointed by the Council.
  3. Two members of Senate elected by Senate.
  4. One academic employee (permanent and full time) of the University, who is not otherwise a member of the Senate, elected by the academic employees of the University.
  5. One non-academic employee (permanent and full time) of the University, elected by the non-academic employees of the University.
  6. Two students elected by the UJ Student Representative Council.