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In terms of the Immigration Amendment Act 19 of 2004 any prospective student to the Republic of South Africa, must be in possession of medical cover with a medical scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998 Act 131 of 1998. In order to comply with the above requirement, the University requires proof of full medical cover with a South African based medical aid scheme for a full calendar year.

Recommended medical covers represented on campus:

Do I pay the University for the medical cover?

Medical cover is payable upfront directly to the relevant supplier and NOT to the University. For payment and banking details please enquire from the relevant medical cover supplier.

The Board of Medical Schemes in South Africa

Appropriate medical cover should be registered with the Medical Schemes Act of South Africa.

You are welcome to visit the website of the Board of Medical Schemes in South Africa to explore other medical cover options. Please take note that you will only be able to join a particular medical scheme if it is open to the public. It also recommended that you take out cover from a company that operates in Johannesburg.


Sponsored students

If you are a sponsored student, please ensure that you advise your sponsor of this requirement. It is NOT sufficient for any student to come to the University with a letter from the Sponsor stating that payment for the required medical aid cover fee will be made, as in the case of tuition fees.

Governments who sponsor their students to study in South Africa should check their medical cover situation and make sure it is either registered in South Africa or formally recognised by the Department of Home Affairs.

When applying for your study permit please take proof of your medical cover to the South African Mission concerned. You are also required to bring this proof to the International Office when you arrive to register at the University. You will NOT be permitted to register without medical cover.

Proof of medical cover at Registration time

When international students arrive on campus to register it is the responsibility of the International Office of the University of Johannesburg to request proof of medical cover. Please note that international students are not be permitted to register if they are not in possession of the correct cover.

NB: Please note that your study permit may not be issued to you if you do have appropriate medical cover in South Africa.

** Please Note: By law the University of Johannesburg may not register any foreign student without the correct study permit for the University of Johannesburg and proof of medical cover.