Digital Certificates FAQ’s

What can I do on the DC Web Student Portal?

As a learner, you can manage electronic and printed versions of your qualification certificate. This means viewing your electronic copies of your certificates, ordering reprints, sharing online access to employers and other third parties, and reporting any errors.

Is it secure to share my electronic documents with other people?

Yes. We have taken extreme measures to prevent fraud and make it as safe as possible to share your certificates. By revoking access when required and deciding who gets access to your certificates, you have control over exactly who views your certificates, which certificates they see, when they see them and for how long.

How are the electronic documents created?

Upon printing your physical certificate, an electronic version is uploaded to this secure website. Only specific personnel at the University can print or publish these certificates, and security measures are in place to stop anyone else from accessing your certificates. If you notice an error on your certificates, please report it.

How do I view or share my digital certificate with poterntial employers and third-parties?

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is an electronic credential which directly links to a qualification obtained by a UJ graduate.

Each graduate can “import” or link their digital badges to their personal LinkedIn accounts for third parties or potential employers to view and verify the qualification issued by clicking on the badge.

This connection validates the legitimacy of the badge for graduates marketing their newly acquired skills or expertise online. Stakeholders, be they potential employers, academic institutions, or other entities, can easily validate the authenticity of the qualification instantly, at no cost!

Follow this link for a step-by-step guide.

I can't register!

If you have registered already, you won’t be able to register again with the same email address and Student number. In this case, visit the login page to try and log in with existing details, or reset your password if you can’t remember it.

I can't log in!

If you can’t log in it might be because of a few reasons. Make sure your password is correct or reset it if you’ve forgotten. Also check that you have confirmed your email address of which you would have received an email requesting you to do so during the registration process.

Accounts can also be blocked by the University if any suspicious activity is recognised.

Who do I contact with any issues, complaints or compliments?

Please contact the University of Johannesburg:

Certificate reprint enquiries: (+27)11 559 3000 or email:

Transcript supplement or Academic record enquiries:

Which credit cards/ Debit cards are supported for payment?

Merchants can accept card payments online from around the world using any of Adumo’s payment gateway solutions. Adumo works with banks in South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique.

Debit cards can only be used once it has been activated by your bank for online transactions.

What is a Transcript Supplement?

It is a document that contains the details of all modules passed, as well as a short description of each module completed including NQF level, Credits if applicable. Failed modules are excluded.

The supplement will also include the Academic Transcript.

To order a transcript supplement or a click here

What is an Academic Transcript?

It is a record that contains student’s registration information, which includes student name, student number, identity number, when the qualification(s) was issued (if obtained).

It also contains all modules/subjects registered and cancelled as well as marks for all modules passed and failed.

A code of conduct (alumni’s/students’) behavior during the period of study) is included on the Academic Transcript. Please note that a separate letter is not issued for the code of conduct.

To order a Academic transcript click here

How Much will it cost?


Certificates:                         R300.00

Academic Record:              R250.00

Transcript Supplement:    R400.00


Please note:

  • Each Academic Record/ Transcript Supplement request will include electronic and original hard copies of the record.
  • Courier services are at an additional cost to the price of the Academic Record and Transcript Supplement.


R300.00 – South Africa

R600.00 – International

What are special Instructions?

These requests include:

  • Students applying to study or work abroad may be requested to attach additional documents/forms such as WES, CGFNS, NMC, Embassies. These forms can be uploaded under this section together with the instructions.
  • Alumni and non-graduated students who require information regarding practicals that need to be included in the Transcript Supplement are required to indicate this.
  • Requests to submit Academic Records/Transcripts Supplement to a third party should be specified with relevant details.

More information availible at