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Emeritus Professor
Name: Gert Jacobus Kruger
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About Prof Gert Jacobus Kruger

Academic and Professional Training

1964: BSc (Chemistry & Mathematics) Potchefstroom University
1967: MSc (Chemistry) Potchefstroom University
1970: DSc (Chemistry) Potchefstroom University

Research and Teaching

Research officer, Crystallography division, National Physical Research Laboratory, South African CSIR

Research officer, Structural Chemistry Division, National Chemical Research Laboratory, South African CSIR

Professor, Department of Chemistry, Rand Afrikaans University, later UJ.

Post doctoral fellow with Prof J M Stewart, Chemistry Department, University of Maryland, College Park, USA

Research Associate with Nobel Laureate Dr H Hauptman, Medical Foundation of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA

Visiting Professor in the Institut für Kristallographie und Petrographie of the Swiss Federal Technical University (ETH) in Zürich

Sabbatical Research Fellow, Mineralogy Division, MINTEK

Research Areas

Physical chemistry, crystallography, methods of crystal structure determination from powder and single-crystal diffraction data, polymorphism of organic materials.


129 research papers in international scientific journals.

Conference Attandance

Numerous local and international conferences since 1968.

University Committees

Diffraction Equipment Control and Spectrau; chairman;
Computer Centre; Faculty of Science representative;
Library; Faculty of Science representative.

Professional  Societies

IUCr: Member of the Commission on Crystallographic Computing, 1993-1996
SA Chemical Institute: Committee member, Pretoria section, 1979 80; Secretary of the organising committees Automation in Chemistry,Pretoria,1979; SACI National Convention, Pretoria,1980; Committee member, Southern Transvaal Section, 1990 1995; Chairman, Southern Transvaal Section, 1993 1995
SA Crystallographic Society: Secretary treasurer, 1981 1985; Vice president, 1986 1990; President, 1991 1994
International Union for Crystallography: S A National Committee of the IUCr: Chairman, 1993 -1995; Commission for Powder Diffraction: member, 1998-2005.

Professional Journals

Regular reviewer for scientific articles submitted to the journals: Acta Crystallographica and Crystal Growth and Design.

Teaching Expirience

Undergraduate courses taught at RAU & UJ: Chemistry 1 (general and physical chemistry); Chemistry 2 and 3 (physical chemistry & quantitative analytical chemistry); Honours physical and analytical chemistry (crystallography, crystal chemistry, kinetics, instrumental methods and treatment of analytical data); History of chemistry.

Postgraduate courses in crystallography, diffraction methods, X ray methods to chemistry and geology students at the Universities of the Witwatersrand and Pretoria and at the RAU.

Visiting professor, Chemistry department, University of the Witwatersrand, 1984, responsible for crystallographic research students.

Research students: Responsible for the structural studies of twelve PhD students and numerous MSc students.

Extra-curricular courses: Organising of and teaching at annual crystallography and diffraction short courses in conjunction with chemistry and geology scientific societies (SACI, MINSA, SACrS).

General Interests

Crystallography, science education, and the appreciation of wine, food and music.

Lecturer on wine and spirits for the certificate and diploma students of the Cape Wine Academy for more than ten years.

Latest Publications

Roy, S.; Bhatt, P. M.; Nangia, A.; Kruger, G. J. Stable polymorph of venlafaxine hydrochloride by solid-to-solid phase transition at high temperature.
Crystal Growth & Design, (2007), 7, 476-480.

Van Blerk, C. & Kruger, G.J. “Octane-1,8-diammonium dichloride monohydrate”,
Acta Cryst., (2007), E63, o4289.

H E du Plessis, G J Kruger & J P R de Villiers. Kristalstrukture van ysterkarbiede.
S A Tydskrif vir Natuurwetenskap en Tegnologie, (2007), 26, 153.

Van Blerk, C. & Kruger, G. J. “Synthesis and structural characterization of butane-1,4-diammonium sulphate”, Journal of Chemical Crystallography, (2008), 38, 175-179.

Van Blerk, C. & Kruger, G.J. “Hydrogen-bonding motifs and thermotropic polymorphism in redetermined halide salts of hexamethylenediamine”,
Acta Cryst C,(2008),64(10), o537-o542.

C. Esterhuysen, A. Neveling, N. Luruli, G. J. Kruger and S. Cronje “Pentacarbonyl-2[kappa]^5C-chlorido-1[kappa]Cl-bis[1([eta]^5)-cyclopentadienyl][[mu][2]-oxido(methyl)methylene1:2[kappa]^2O:C]tungsten(0)zirconium(IV)”
Acta Crystallographica. (2008). E64, m1252 [ doi:10.1107/S1600536808028006 ]

Postal Address

Department of Chemistry
University of Johannesburg
P O Box 524
Auckland Park,
South Africa