Tutors @ UJ play an integral part in student teaching and learning. In order to play this role, tutors @ UJ are supported, developed and mentored by the Unit for Tutor Development and their academic departments. Tutorials are not lectures but rather provide opportunities for students to gain subject-specific guidance and support from senior students. Tutorials also offer safe spaces where students can actively engage with their tutors and their fellow students. Tutors provide immediate feedback to students, can provide individualised academic support and often refer students to other appropriate support services at UJ. If you are serious about your studies attend tutorials and consult with your tutors.

Students: To find out more about tutorials, please consult your academic departments.

Tutors are trained at the start of each academic year to equip them with the necessary skills to facilitate student learning. Tutors also attend check-in sessions throughout the year to continue honing their tutoring skills. Students who would like to tutor, please consult with your departments for more details.




Peer mentors play a significant role in forming supportive networks and enhancing learning and personal development of students. They provide support, guidance and positive role modelling, and also assist first-year students in a successful transition into university.

Students often have the benefit of being matched with a peer mentor from the same faculty as which they are enrolled in. The mentors are therefore also able to assist with content knowledge, learning skills and strategies.

Available peer mentoring programmes

​Mentoring programme: Faculty of Management

​The programme is a collaboration between the Academic Development Centre and the Faculty of Management. The purpose is to assist first-year students in a successful transition into the university.

The Academic Development Centre is involved with the training of mentors while the Faculty recruits and manage the students.
​Paulina Makibelo (APK)paulinam@uj.ac.za
011 559 2625

Rose Adegoke (APB)
011 559 1509

Welcome Kubeka (SWC)
011 559 5654

​Academic mentoring: Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

​This is a collaborative initiative commissioned by the Gauteng Provincial Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID) that sponsors students within the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (FEBE) at UJ. Through mentoring, the programme is aimed at supporting first-year to fourth-year students with academic and professional skills that enable them to manage the challenges of higher education. The role of the Academic Development Centre (ADC) is to train and supervise the mentor for the duration of the programme while the Faculty (FEBE) together with GDID is responsible for the identification of the potential mentees.

​Lebogang Phiri
011 559 2340

​Academic mentoring: BPSA Education Foundation – Targeted Talented Students

​This initiative is a collaboration between BPSA Education Foundation and the Learning Development unit of the Academic Development Centre (ADC). Commissioned by the sponsor, BPSA Education Foundation, talented black students who have been identified at secondary school level and who are enrolled in the Faculties of Economics, Science or Engineering are supported via this mentoring programme in their transition from secondary school into higher education with its unique challenges. The role of ADC‘s Learning Development unit is to train and supervise the mentors for the duration of the programme and to monitor the students’ performance.

Annatjie Pretorius
011 559 3966