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Residence Application


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Important information

  • For first time applicants, first complete the academic application process and use your student/reference number to complete the residence application as indicated below. 
  • Please click here for more information on student accommodation and residence life. 
  • Only fully academically admitted or conditionally selected applicants/students will be required to pay a residence deposit of R1 220.00 
  • Consider your residence application cancelled if the required deposit of R1 220.00 is not paid by 31 October 2018. 
  • You may reside only on the campus where you attend your studies. 
  • No residence transfers are allowed. 
  • Only applicants studying towards curricular undergraduate and postgraduate programmes may apply for residence 
This application form is ONLY for (1st Time Entering Students) students who NEVER studied before and NOT for students who are already registered students at UJ.

Online residence application

Enter your student number and pin to login. If you forgot your pin, or don't have one yet, enter your student number and click on the "Forgot Pin?" button. A pin will be sent to your email address you provided when you applied to UJ.

Step 2 Uj Online register

When you are logged in, expand the 'Student Web Systems' folder on the left hand side:
Step 3 Uj Online register

Expand the 'Application Process' folder and click on the 'Residence' fields as highlighted. Accept the rules and regulations.
Step 4 Uj Online register

Click on the 'Application Process' folder on the left hand side and then click on the 'Show' button under Residence Applications:
Step 5 Uj Online register


Click HERE to start the ONLINE residence application process.

Click HERE if you want to submit a HARDCOPY residence application form.