Site Design and Layout

Site Layout and Design


College Of Business And Economics Undergraduate Studies

  • Always use 1920px as the width of the image.

Naming Conventions

  • It is very important to name your images properly.
  • One of the easiest ways to name an image is to name the image the same name as the title of the page for example if we are working on the Faculties pages a good name for the images that appears on the Faculties pages would be:
    • Faculty of Sciencefaculty-of-science.jpg
    • Faculty of Humanity faculty-of-humanity.jpg
    • Faculty of Health Sciencesfaculty-of-health-sciences.jpg
      • If we are on the Faculty of Science Department (or other sub pages) a good naming convention would be:
        • Faculty of Science Departmentfaculty-of-science-department.jpg
        • Faculty of Humanity Researchfaculty-of-humanity-research.jpg
        • Faculty of Health Sciences Short learning coursesfaculty-of-health-sciences-short-learning-courses.jpg
          • Even if the names get long it is good practice to use the same naming convention:
            • Faculty of Science Department Research and Funding faculty-of-science-department.jpg
            • Faculty of Humanity Research Grants and Fundingfaculty-of-humanity-research-grants-and-funding.jpg
            • Faculty of Health Sciences Short learning courses Fees and Calendarfaculty-of-health-sciences-short-learning-courses-fees-and-calander.jpg
    • What happens if there is images with the same name?
      • WordPress will automatically add a number behind the image name:
        • faculty-of-science-department-01.jpg
        • faculty-of-science-department-02.jpg
        • faculty-of-science-department-03.jpg
          • We do not need to worry about images overwriting each others if they have the same name.

Why images for SEO?

Images offer a number of SEO benefits.

By including images on your web pages, you:

  • Make your articles easier to read (increasing time on-page).
  • Increase social sharing (Google loves social proof).
  • Allow more keywording opportunities.
  • Increase website traffic from Google image search.
  • a picture is worth a thousand words

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There is Various Header Style Layout Options available to you. In the Back-end Editor you can go to the page where you want the Header to be displayed.

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