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The University currently hosts two Technology Stations, namely: the Metal Casting Technology Station (MCTS), and the Process, Energy and Environmental Technology Station (PEETS).

UJ Process Energy and Environmental Technology Station (PEETS)

“The primary mandate of the UJ Process, Energy and Environmental Technology Station (UJ-PEETS) is to contribute towards improving the competitiveness of industry and SMEs through the application of specialized knowledge, technology and facilitating the interaction between industry (especially SMEs) and academia, to enable innovation and technology transfer to grow the green economy. The UJ-PEETS was established in 2010 under the support of the University of Johannesburg”.

Metal Casting Technology Station (MCTS)

The University of Johannesburg’s Metal Casting Technology Station (MCTS) is an initiative of the then Department of Science and Technology (now Department of Science and Innovation – DSI) under the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA). The MCTS operates under the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment in partnership with the Department of Metallurgy. For more information, visit the MCTS website.